Sometimes I Quilt Too

Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to start up a quilt. I’ve made one for almost everyone else in my family, except for myself. I haven’t settled on a design, but a local quilt shop is having a fat quarter sale ($1 each) and I intend on loading up and possibly finding a pattern then. In the mean time, I thought that I would share some of my larger patchworks. So read on for show and tell time!

One of the first quilts that I made after taking my beginning quilt class was this one:

This was a birthday present that I made for my father while he was bedridden with cancer. He used it regularly until he burned a small hole in it (he smoked up until the day he died) and was afraid to have it put back on his bed for fear of burning it up completely. I used Atkinson Design’s Lucky Stars pattern for this one – a decievingly easy pattern to make since the stars ‘float’ on the background. Seeing that I liked this pattern so much, I made it again. This one was for Bret:

After making two quilts, Taylor started wondering where hers was. I found the most adorable quilt kit at Hen Feather Quilts (you can tell I shop there often for supplies) – a pink and purple princess theme with chenille inserts. The back (not shown) was pieced together as well using leftover fabric scraps and a piece of glittery fairy fabric from my stash (I didn’t purchase enough backing so I winged it).

The last quilt that I made was a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law:

For this one, I used Good Intentions Caddy Corners pattern (from the Laps From Fats series) and one of my favorite quilt lines – Moda’s 3 Sisters Seaside Rose (now retired). I also made my mother-in-law a matching tote to go along with it.

15 thoughts on “Sometimes I Quilt Too

  1. Laura

    It was fun to see your quilts. It was actually a quilt that got me into garment sewing again. My 5yo son, Luke, was curious about the sewing machine in the closet a few months ago, so I decided he and I would make a quilt together for his bed. We made a log cabin quilt using red, cream and blue prints. It turned out really well and got my sewing juices flowing again. It was recently after that that I came across your blog. I really enjoy reading about your projects. Thanks!

  2. Blakely

    I have gotten the bug to finish a quilt I started a couple of years ago. I seem to go in cycles smocking, scrap booking, cross stitching, garment sewing, and quilting. Sometimes just for fun I have a project going in each of them at the same time.

  3. Anary

    WOW…You have so many talents!
    Beautiful quilts…and color combinations..I used not to like quilts because of the way they looked..too busy..But then I realized I was not looking abroad of that busy group…Now I am in love!
    Great quilts Stacy! Have fun at the fat Q sale..oh this is my new temptation too.

  4. bernadette

    Your quilts are all wonderful. Great color/fabric choices! That catty corner pattern looks interesting for color play. Hmmm…

  5. mamafitz

    i love that black/white/red quilt. i may have to look that pattern up. if you are going to stock up on FQs, check out M’Liss Rae Hawley’s books (Fat Quarter Quilts, More Fat Quarter Quilts, and a third one that I can’t remember the name of). I’ve made a few, and they were pretty quick and easy. i also made a green baby quilt last year using FQs.
    be warned, FQs (and fat eighths) are like crack cocaine. 😉

  6. Necia

    Very very nice. I love them all! I’ve been bitten by the quilt bug too. I just came back from Purl Patchwork, where I bought the materials for my first quilt top. Now to go find a 1/4″ quilt piece foot for my machine. I hope mine come out as lovely as yours.

  7. Sharon

    Wow Stacy. What DON’T you know how to do? I’m impressed. Those are nice looking quilts. I especially like the one you made for your father.

  8. angie.a

    Gorgeous quilts! I’ve only made baby quilts…and embroidered/appliqued enough squares for a twin size for Lu. Just haven’t gotten the thing put together yet! (And I kid you not, it’s at least 7 years in the making!)
    LOVE Seaside Rose. That was an amazing line. I’ve got a stash of it still 😀

  9. zaneta

    Hi Stacy,
    These are so BEAUTIFUL! I was looking at doing some quilting classes the other day..I have missed the spot this term but maybe next term after seeing your gorgeous creations..

  10. judy

    Great quilts, Stacey. I can tell we have similar taste. I also like the Atkinson pattern line and Seaside Rose from Moda!
    I’ll be going to a local quilt show, (well 1.5 hours drive) this weekend. I hope to get some fat quarters too.
    I’ve been making those Amy Butler Stash N Dash bags and now I want to make a set of the 3 for my cousin’s graduation gift. I find that except for the toiletry bag, which I haven’t made yet – fat quarters are perfect for these small bags. I also ended up making myself templates for the “main” fabric pieces so I always get the pleat markings correct. I simply used a manila folder and lined my pattern piece against the fold ! This, of course, is only after I made two and realized I wasn’t being consistent, or in too much of a rush,…or distracted, or well you know how it goes.
    have a great weekend

  11. Stacy

    Thanks everyone!
    I’m heading off this morning to load up on fabrics for a new quilt. I’ve made my ‘grocery’ list of supplies – if I can’t find a good pattern (or book) while I’m there, I’ve decided to make the Caddy Corners quilt for myself. This time I plan on using fabrics with a higher contrast so you can see the design better.
    Judy – thanks for the idea of making a template! I never thought of that either.

  12. Lori

    I have yet to make a full sized pieced quilt. I need to get over the fear of cutting out all of those little pieces.
    I love the one you made for your MIL.

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