Perfect Darts

Yesterday proved to be a very busy day. First off, I finished off some ‘drippy’ candles – decorations for a teacher appreciation dinner with an Italian theme. Let me say that if you’re looking to make some for yourself, they require additional assistance and supervision to get them to drip properly. Clumps of wax build up and break off if you don’t melt them down occasionally. You can find these colorful versions at Hobby Lobby for $2.99/2 candles.

Secondly, I went on a lipstick run. Yes, that’s right, a lipstick run. You see, my very favorite glosslipstick (L’Oreal’s Glam Shine in Diva #700) has been discontinued and I have not been able to find a suitable substitute – trust me, I’ve spent a lot of money looking for one. I was talking to my mom yesterday morning when she said she had spotted some at a nearby store. Needless to say, I immediately ran out and bought all they had – 3. I will now be searching all Walgreen’s stores for their stock. I’ll be like Elaine with the Today Sponge and stockpile them in my closet.
While I was out, I decided to drop by Hancock Fabrics (which I came home empty handed) and Borders where I browsed their sewing & crafting section. After spending a good 15 minutes looking though everything, I am now seriously contemplating buying T-Shirt Factory – a book (and CD) filled with funky t-shirt designs that you can use to embellish your own shirts. There’s not a review up on Amazon, so I was wondering, does anyone have this book and what do you think of it?
Then, it was a trip to the grocery store (and some good home cooking) – since my stomach has been ‘messed-up’ (a combination of stress and too much take-out) and the weather outside was really too rainy to BBQ, I decided to try Toy’s Potatoes and Chicken Dijon Bake recipe (you can find it here). In a last minute decision, I opted to serve it in puff pastry shells – which vaguely reminded me of Martha Stewart’s pot pie.
So, after all that, where does that leave my sewing? Well, not with much, – but, my machines are threaded and set to go and I have the most perfectly sewn darts in the upper bodice.

10 thoughts on “Perfect Darts

  1. MelissaB in WA

    Okay, you seriously crack me up when you reminded me of that Seinfeld episode – that was hilarious! So how many “lipstick worthy” occassions will occur with your three tubes of lipstick! LOL Seriously, I can totally relate and would do the same thing – a girl’s gotta have her lipstick! 🙂

  2. bernadette

    I recently made a CVS run to three different stores to find the shade of SPF 20 lip gloss I like for summer!
    Lipstick is the one essential makeup item. If you slap some on you look better. Besides, it garners better service at my car repair place, I’ve found. Lipstick and a smile with maybe a skirt or dress. Shameless. haha.

  3. bernadette

    I can’t remember which t-shirt re-making book I liked when I looked them over at the bookstores before Christmas. There was one that seemed to have lots of good re-sewing ideas. Others were boring or had few useful ideas. This new book would seem to be more of a picture book of other people’s art work so could be inspirational but not how-to.
    Just yesterday, I picked up some Hanes t-shirts (4 for $10) at a craft store (AC Moore) so I can fool around a bit. I bought two in cranberry red and two in pewter grey – one of each color in size small (for the “base”) and one in extra large to cut for extra fabric. I am thinking of single-color, layered looks. Who knows when I will have the courage to actually cut them up? I was raised by a (necessarily so) thrifty mom and always feel guilty if I “ruin” something that was still useful. haha.

  4. Sheri

    Hey Stacy,
    Sounds like you are in the swing of things! Thought I’d remind you that the crocheting class starts this Friday morning, four weeks of class for ten bucks. If you’re interested contact the extension office. I hear we are making potholders! 🙂
    Sheri S.

  5. zaneta

    Hi Stacy!
    I would love to try Toy’s recipe but I can’t find it..I tried the link but there were no ingredients..

  6. Crystal

    I’ve never used that particular lipstick, but I have two brands that look similar to recommend. I use and love Maybelline’s Wet Shine Diamonds liquid. It is sparkly, shiny and stays on pretty well for a gloss. Also I use Rimmel’s Vinyl Gloss High Shine Lipgloss. It does not sparkle, but is very shiny. Often I mix the two (I have similar shades in each) and I really like how that looks, but I like each on its own just as well.

  7. stacy

    Well, it’s nice to hear that other people would go out on lipstick runs too! Crystal, I’m going to keep those two in mind for when I do finally run out….
    Zaneta – the recipe is at the very bottom of her post, you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find it.
    OOOh, cutting up shirts – how fun! I did that last summer, but only used purchased shirts and not my ‘cool’ used concert tees. I wasn’t brave enough to do that! LOL

  8. Julie

    I found the Glam Shine lip gloss on a website called It is only $4.99! I wear the Goddess shade. Hope this helps you out.

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