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Today Is The Day

Well, today is the day – move day. I’m anxiously awaiting the movers to arrive so we can get started hauling the rest of what’s in our house over to our rental, then comes the cleaning. The final walk through of this house is at 2:00 and the close of the house is at 3:00. After it’s all over, Taylor has a softball game this evening – Whew! What a day.
So, for tomorrow, my plan is to start unpacking (some) of my sewing items (I’ve got priorities, LOL) and be ready to start cutting out the Hot Patterns Cami. If all goes well, I’ll have some photos (both of the new space and images for the project sidebar) to share tomorrow!

Did Someone Say Free Pattern?

If you’re looking for a cute, sexy top to wear this weekend, check out Bridgette’s free pattern! The site has been translated so the wording is a bit choppy, but should be enough to get you through making one up for yourself. While you’re there, be sure to pick up their pleated handbag pattern – too cute! [Thanks Anary for the link]
I also stumbled across the site, Koonji yesterday. It’s an online resource tool that’s supposed to help organize your searches. They have a home and garden section, but currently no sewing tips…. the site’s in Beta so I’ll check back in a few months to see how it’s developed.
As far as the move is concerned – tomorrow is the ‘big day’. There may be a slight delay in posting depending on the cable company and how fast they turn on our internet (or how correctly they processed our order) and how quickly we get the computer hooked back up!

Move Before The Move

We were fortunate enough to get into our rental yesterday afternoon so I spent much of the day cleaning (it was ‘man cleaned’ by the previous renter) and beginning to unload boxes (we’re letting the movers do the heavy stuff). It appears that I’ll have to go from my sweatshop set up (as Bret likes to call it) to something considerably smaller – more like a small table where I can place my sewing machine and maybe my serger. I’ll post photos once the move is complete!
In the mean time, I’m BurdaStyle’s Featured Member! While you’re there checking out my interview, be sure to register for the site and vote for which patterns they should post next.

Bag of Pranks

It seems like I’ve been packing forever now, but I took a breather and have finally made my last item for the Office Swap – Jim’s Bag of Pranks:

I had been ‘collecting’ items for this one for awhile: vampire teeth, the Pervert poster and mirror with a sharpie mustache, a Future Dwight fax, Altoids, crayons, lime Jello, and a bag of nickels. I made a drawstring bag with a pocket that holds a list – basically an explanation of each of the items included in the bag. The only thing that I don’t care for about this bag is the fact I neglected to use a dark iron on transfer sheet for the pocket – poor Jim looks a bit pink in his photo! Send outs for this one aren’t until June 12, so I still have time to work with resin to make a few magnets!

Boxes, Boxes, And MORE Boxes

Somewhere among all those boxes is what’s remaining of my sewing area. I’ve left nothing but the ‘basics’ out for now – my machines (which I intend on moving myself), threads, a small assortment of notions, and my Hot Pattern’s Camisole pattern (and fabric) in the hopes that I may find time to squeeze in some cutting time with this top before move day.

Here’s To Summer

As of today, Taylor is officially on summer vacation! To celebrate, we’re taking the day off from packing and just relaxing – maybe catch a movie, do some shopping, or maybe sneak in some sewing. We also have an appointment to review the plans for our new house. Sewing room, here I come! In the mean time, here’s a few fun links for you to follow:
If you’re wanting to know more about the Burda Style site, my sewing history, or just want to know what I sound like in ‘real life’ (let me just say upfront that I get a lot of “Is your mother home” when I answer the telephone), then check out Lori’s podcast, Sew Forth Now – I’m this week’s guest!
My favorite apron and fabric designer, Hoodie, has started her own blog! Check out her new site here.
Speaking of favorites – Amy Butler’s new home decor fabric line, Nigella, is right around the corner. While you’re checking out her new colorways, be sure to print out a copy of her free pattern – the Nigella Yoga Mat.
My new online toy – [link via whipup]. I’m most excited about the upcoming ‘Fabric to Dress’ option!

Project #2

With all the swap planing and crafting this week, I’ve been spending lots of time with Paint Shop Pro. Yesterday, I made my partner a Dunder Mifflin “Employee of the Month, Scranton” shirt (I also used ‘fuzzy’ letters to add her name to the back):

Two projects down, one to go! What’s in store for the next one? “Jim’s Bag of Pranks”
And since you all have been wonderful readers and have putting up with all my Office sewing talk this week, here’s a Schrute Buck for you (I want to send out a huge Thank You to artist Toby Hilden for creating this one, I’m so glad that I stumbled across his site, my versions looked horrid!).

The Purse

I’ve been packing like a mad woman during the day, but by night I’ve been working feverishly on my Office Swap package – and I finally have something to show for it (if you’re my swap partner, don’t proceed, spoilers ahead)!

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