Crafting Of A Different Kind

Sometimes, the weekends are filled with homework. My job yesterday was to help cover a box and lay down ‘flooring’ and ‘wallpaper’ for Taylor’s book report diorama.

Whew! We’re both glad that it’s finished (now she has to write up a report of her book, The River Between Us before the end of the week).
As for me, I am going to start working on my McCall’s dress today! The fabric is washed and ready to go so I’ll be posting a cost and description of it on the sidebar soon.

6 thoughts on “Crafting Of A Different Kind

  1. bernadette

    What a pretty dress that will be!
    the diorama is fun, too. Now I will just have to read the book to find out what’s happening in that hospital room, haha.
    Taylor might be amused to hear that I recently made a diorama! In mid-April, at one of the annual DC Cherry Blossom Festival events, there was a Japanese culture and crafts day at the National Building Museum. In one room they provided empty brown bakery boxes, rocks, glue, brown and blue construction paper, crinkled pink paper shred, one brown pipe cleaner, and some small photos of Japanese garden elements (koi, lanterns, etc). Most of the participants were adults and we had fun! I built a brown bridge overlooking a stream ending in a koi pond. There is also a cherry tree, rock features, etc. It really is a peaceful little place! haha. The box closes so I can save it for future viewing.
    (Or sell it on e-bay to some diorama-making-challenged school kid? haha NO!)

  2. MelissaB in WA

    What we have to do for our kids huh? I’m sure it was a fun time for you girls to work on her project together! 🙂
    Love the dress and eyed the pattern at J’s recently, but atlas I think I might just be too flat chested for that one. I can’t wait for your review!

  3. stacy

    I’m not very well endowed myself (I go for padded and push up), but just love the shape of this dress!
    bernadette – Taylor thought that was very ‘cool’ you made one for no reason. She didn’t particularly care for this book, so she said she might try this summer with something she likes.

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