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There’s been some discussion on the Craftster‘s “new swap theme” discussion boards about a second The Office swap. I had a fantastic time creating my partner’s package and what I got in return was amazing:

Since I had so much fun doing this swap, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to join this one again (once it starts up). Consequently, I’ve been thinking about items that I could make – one that I really want to do is the ‘jello’ resin magnets like the ones pictured above. The problem is, I can’t seem to find office supplies (primairly, the calculator) to use. So, scraboookers, miniature makers, and craft store shoppers my question is, “Have you seen these anywhere?”. Thanks in adavance!

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  1. Anary

    If you are thinking about mini markers such as sharpies and highlighters…Staples has them. Oh Walmart also carry some. Huum…I even saw at Rite-Aid..but I am not sure if you have them there….
    Anything else?…I am anxius for you for this swap!
    I forgot to tell you…the City that The Office portray is in PA…Last Thrus they showed the city, the real one, at the 11pm news…It is a charming small town…I loved it.

  2. Aimey

    Hi Stacy
    Do you have hobby lobby stores near you? They have a great selection of miniatures for things like dollhouses – I’m certain you could find some cute office supplies. I’d be happy to check it out for you if you don’t have those stores near you.
    Also, I wanted to ask you about the hoodie skirt apron…I’m in the process of putting one together right now and it’s all cut out and ready to go but when I read the instructions I just can’t seem to understand how the waist band gets sewn on. Any tips you can send my way would be MUCH appreciated!
    Thank you

  3. stacy

    I’ve tried the hobby stores around me, but still haven’t seen one with a calculator – although, those scrapbooking isle is a bit overwhelming..so many papers and stickers to choose from! I did try hobby lobby’s dollhouse isle, but it’s been drastically reduced in size – it figures!
    On the apron, I just kind of winged it since the directions were ‘iffy’ Here’s what I did. – I sewed one side of the waistband to the skirt (right sides together), then folded over and pinned the other side to the skirt apron and stitched in the ditch. To add the apron strings, I folded under the raw edges of the waistband and inserted the finished apron strings inside and sewed near the edge. Hope that helps!

  4. candyo

    I’m not sure I’m interpreting your post right, but I got a mini calculator by the checkouts at my local Books-a-Million. dunno if you have one nearby. It has a little cover over the buttons with the hinge at the bottom. it was like 3 bucks. Accordingly, the LED got screwed up and it’s rendered useless.

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