Instructional DVD

Occasionally, I get books in the mail to read and post a review on my site. The other day, however, I received a package, but instead of an instructional book, it was a DVD – Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing. For those of you who have been reading this site for awhile, you may remember that early last year, I took a quilt class to make this quilt. Since I’ve never had the opportunity to try an instructional sewing DVD before and I had an actual class to compare to, I was anxious to test this out!

The Precision Piecing DVD is 75 minutes long and covers all the basics. Here’s the general rundown of the menu:
Basics of rotary cutting (covers everything from preparation of the fabric, how to cut, and safety)
How to make and cut fabric with a template
Preparing to sew (how to achieve a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance, how to align your pieces)
How to chain your pieces to limit thread usage
Sally Collins is a friendly, informative instructor and makes piecing quilts easy to learn at home. The only drawbacks to this method (as opposed to taking a class) is that you loose the feedback you might receive from your teacher, the ability to ask questions, and the opportunity to see how others in the class use colors to change the look and feel of the quilt. However, if you’re looking to learn on your own – at your own pace (it’s nice to watch a DVD late at night instead of trying to fit a class into your schedule) then I recommend checking Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing. At the moment, I’m only seeing the DVD available through the C&T Publishing website. However, you can order her book Mastering Precision Piecing through Amazon.