Pain In The Neck, A Different Kind

Well, with everything that has been going on, my “Pain In The Neck” title from the other day seemed very appropriate today as well. You see, our house is now back on the market.

Yes folks, with less that 3 weeks until our house closes (and 2 weeks until we would move out), our buyers find out that they did not qualify for financing. Of course, that puts us in a serious bind which I won’t rant and rave about here.
So, today is going to be a much needed thearpy day – a day devoted to nothing but sewing. I intend on working on my Burda Tunic and maybe something quick and easy like Amy Butler’s Stash and Dash bag – if I can dig through some of my boxed fabrics to find something to use.

9 thoughts on “Pain In The Neck, A Different Kind

  1. bernadette

    House-selling/buying is so difficult. Always some annoying problem. I hope another buyer shows up soon.
    (You could offer these folks a rent-with-option-to-buy deal, I guess. We once tried that in a REALLY difficult economic market for FIVE years, with five different tenants – then we sold it to someone else. At least the mortgage and taxes were covered those five years.)
    Meanwhile, deep breaths and lots of fun sewing sound like a great plan.

  2. stacy

    According to what our agent has since found out – they already own a home they are trying to sell and was planning on having two mortgages running at the same time. The problem is that their agent didn’t disclose this information when the contract was written up. Now they can’t sell their house and can’t afford two house payments. ARGGGG.

  3. Tuesday

    Oh nooooooo 🙁 I’m sorry hon. What a stressor!! Are you already locked into the rental? How frustrating!
    I hope you can lose yourself in some sewing today 😉

  4. MeLisa

    UgH! You already know my stories of woe in the house dept so I won’t bore. I hope that something shakes out for y’al. Like you need the added stress in your condition! 😉

  5. bernadette

    Sounds like at least one agent and/or buyer is at fault here. Hopefully, your agent wrote the contract to be NOT contigent upon the other people selling their house or getting an unlikely mortgage. Maybe you will get to keep all of any deposit. Hereabouts, reputable agents won’t allow their listings to go under contract to a buyer who doesn’t already have a lender’s loan confirmation (for a certain $ amount at certain terms – not just pre-qualified, which is meaningless). But enough of that. I fear I am adding to your stress.
    Just for today, take the phone off the hook or let it go to message. Turn off the computer. Then just sew like crazy…

  6. melissa

    oh no! That’s so crap! Sadly, this is becoming more and more common these days. Some friends of ours had FOUR different flats fall through on them before they were finally able to complete on the one they bought in the end. So things could be worse!
    Make sure you take it easy and try not to let it get to you, you don’t need the stress in your “delicate condition”. I’m not a doctor, but I definitely prescribe some sewing, stat!

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