Pain In The Neck

With a title like “Pain In The Neck”, you would think that I’m talking about something (or someone, I suppose) that’s causing me grief. Actually, I’m talking about a literal pain in my neck.

Ever since I was a kid and I pulled something in my neck while taking a gymnastics class, I get occasional neck pain. Lately, it’s exacerbated by spending too much time infront of the computer (it’s not an ergonomically designed setup) or when my pillows start going flat – both of which I think is the cause of my current pain.
So, all this pain means that the book review that I had planned on putting up is delayed until I am a bit less disabled and I’m planning on limiting my sewing time this afternoon (I had hoped for a marathon of afternoon sewing) – all that looking down can’t be doing me any good.
But enough about that, on to some creative fun. I finally got my hands onto an issue of Craft! So far, it’s another great issue – I spent the better part of an evening sifting through it. One project that I think I will eventually make – the Japanese Punk Shirt.
My fabric from Gorgeous Things arrived yesterday too. The fabrics are beautiful, but the springaqua print is not quite as stretchy as I had hoped. It was listed as a jersey, but feels more like a stretch woven. The pattern I had hoped to use it for asks for “moderate stretch knits” – does anyone know what the definition of moderate is? Also, does anyone remember what pattern reccomendations Anne had for that fabric (I may be emailing her this afternoon about it)?

6 thoughts on “Pain In The Neck

  1. brenadette

    Sorry to hear about your neckpain. Bummer when you want to do anything at all. Since you probably can’t take any meds for it right now, have you ever tried the “Thermacare” brand of disposable heating pads? There is one sized for neck/shoulder pain that sticks on. They really work well. They contain iron in a guazey bandage thing. When exposed to air, the iron essentially rusts (oxidizes) – but more rapidly than usual. It’s an exothermic reation – it gives off heat – for at least 8 hours. I love these things. A box of three of that size costs $5-$8 depending on the store/sales/coupons. (Other brands/versions do not work as well, I have found and are not as convenient to use.)

  2. jemima bean

    That is SO weird you would post this! I have had this pain in my neck for about 6 days now…since last Sunday or Monday. It’s gotten worse ever day until I complained at work (saying I thought I needed a new pillow) and a few other people had the same symptoms. Guess what, we all came down with this HORRID upper respiratory thing. I’m sick as a dog (and spent the entire day at the softball fields.) So be careful and watch for low-grade temp, sore throat, etc. (But I hope it’s just your flat pillow, LOL.) Feel better!
    Oh…and I always think of moderate stretch as a french terry type stretch, does that help? A bit more than stretch woven, but less than say a jersey. Bummer about your plans for the fabric, but you’ll find something to make with it I’m sure!

  3. Kris

    Urgh…. what a bummer! I hope your neck gets better soon – not a good time for you to be down!
    I went to Joanne’s, armed with my coupon to get CRAFT and they didn’t have it. So sad… Oh well, will have to wait!

  4. bernadette

    For those of you who can’t get a copy of CRAFT, they are very generous with some patterns and info on their web site. Even those of us who subscribe to the mag have to go to their web sites to download full-size patterns, etc.

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