It’s Done!

With a future of box packing looming in my future, I happily sat infront of my machine and finished up my latest project – the Hoodie Apron! Things went together without a hitch and the packaged bias tape sped things up quite a bit. But, before I go into more detail of this pattern, let me give you a peek at one side of this apron:

So, things about the pattern that I noticed: I’ve looked and looked, but no where can I find what the seam allowances are – I used 5/8″. If you’re unfamiliar with making your own bias biniding, you may want to look it up prior to working with this pattern…the directions for this part of the apron are very limited. Lastly there’s the waistband and ties – I just kind of winged this since I’m not really sure what she was after with it. For example, it told me to attach one side of the waistband to the apron, but not the other. She also has you cutting 4 ties, but I’m not sure how she really wanted you to put them together so I sewed two pieces right sides together to make one tie. This resulted in a shorter apron string which can only be tied in the back. I still like it, but next time I’ll sew them short sides together first to make a longer.
And now enough about the directions! Here’s a photo of the reversible side:

18 thoughts on “It’s Done!

  1. bernadette

    Very fun fabrics on a classy apron! Maybe the short ties are a better idea anyway. It looks great.
    I am disappointed that the directions are so incomplete. I wanted to buy this pattern but am having second thoughts. Was the curved waistline/band difficult to sew? Is this a pattern you would make more, or a bunch, of?

  2. bernadette

    Also just noticed how pretty your new button jars look in the backround – that’s what probably “sold” your house so quickly. haha

  3. stacy

    I like that – destructions!
    The directions are skimpy, but not horrible enough to keep me from making this again. Since this one is for my sister in law, eventually, I’ll make one for myself. The waistband was very simple and didn’t run across any problems – I didn’t even have to rip out any stitches because of puckers.
    I finally did buy a chia pet off of Ebay! I won over the weekend so I’m crossing my fingers that it will arrive in time. It’s a Homer Simpson chia head – it looks hillarious.

  4. Tuesday

    sooooo cute, I *love* the shape and drape of the ‘skirt’. And the fabric too, love it!
    We’re packing too (even though we still have about 3 weeks LOL), I have projects I’m trying to get out of the way…hopefully this week.

  5. Marlene

    Stacy, I saw the write-up in last week’s Wichita Eagle. As a sewer, I should tell you that I do all my shopping at Joann’s. Also, I usually only buy patterns when they’re on sale and Joann’s has great sale prices from time to time on patterns–like no more than $2 a pattern. I have some material right now and pattern to also make an apron.

  6. Amy

    Isn’t that pink & green fabric great? (I love the cherries, too!) –I made my DD a shirt last spring with the pink & green fabric! So fun! Love the apron!

  7. Kris

    Gorgeous Stacy! I’ve got to try it now – I like the look of the long tie, so I’ll play with it and get back to you 🙂

  8. Sharon

    What a cute apron, I like the flare without the bulk at the waistline and the fabric you choose is perfect for the style.

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