Painted Pottery

Last week, Taylor and I had went to a pottery store and painted up a few pieces. Since the bisqueware has now been glazed and fired, they were ready to pick up yesterday. And here they are:

You can tell that we were in a “spring” mood, just check out those pastel colors!

Yesterday, I also got some much needed sewing in – I’m definitely feeling more relaxed now! I managed to completely finish two more eye pillows (I’ll spare you pictures since I’ve posted them several times already), but didn’t start on the Burda top. Knowing that we’ll be leaving to go out of town soon, I’d hate to let it set until I come back – that is how a lot of my projects become UFO’s (letting them sit too long, alone)!

1 thought on “Painted Pottery

  1. Blakely

    I understand being in a “spring” mood. I want to sew several skirts in bright colors and light weight fabrics. Maybe I’ll get to them this weekend.

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