Creative Day

The laundry is finished (o.k. I have a load or two to still fold) and the straighteningpurgingspring cleaning is done (until tomorrow’s deep clean) so today I can concentrate on doing something creative. My first priority is to make 2 more eye pillows for personal swaps. I got a head start on this yesterday by tracing the images off onto fusible web, but sill have lots of work to do. My second goal to to start cutting and sewing the Burda duro-ish top. It looks fairly quick to sew up – has anyone tried this pattern yet and can tell me about how long it took them to finish it?

10 thoughts on “Creative Day

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been wondering if you and/or Taylor have seen the new Hilary Duff McCalls patterns. If I’m not mistaken she’s about the same age as my youngest – 10.

  2. stacy

    Yes!!! I was excited to see them, but when I showed Taylor, she was kind of ‘meh’ about them. I may go ahead and get the one that I really liked (5422)and just show her the line drawing.

  3. tara

    No, I have not made that top, but I can say with great confidence that is looks very cute and I am sure you will pick, or have picked, some excellent fabric that will wow us all (it is very pretty outside and I always come in full of ridiculously exuberant compliments, but they are always true)

  4. mac

    I just finished that top Monday night. I would guesstimate that it took maybe six hours of so. Joining the upper front and back was a little tricky for me, but I’m a beginner.

  5. toya

    I love that burda top, I would probably make it,, if I had the time, and I have made piece with the fact, that I am a collecter of BWOF magazines, I haven’t made anything out of it since the first week in january and that was a skirt 🙂

  6. angie

    I love that top! It’s on my to do list too…although I’m not sure I can add a FBA to that and keep the same design lines. I, however, will persevere. I adore the fabrics they used, all non-matchy matching. Can’t wait to see yours!

  7. Stephanie

    Ok, I’m a big dope because I have no idea where to get that pattern. Can you buy it in stores (Joann, Hancocks, etc)? I’ve never bought a Burda pattern before and would really appreciated the information. I didn’t see a link to buy it online. I love this top though and can think of so many fabric combinations that would look lovely with it.

  8. Stacy

    It’s from Burda World of Fashion magazine. You can find it (sometimes) at your local Borders or you can snag a copy on Ebay. Just look for March Burda.

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