Big Changes

Since it’s Monday, I’m sure most of you are wondering what sorts of projects that may have been startedfinished over the weekend…..

Considering the rate that I usually go at, you’ll probably be suprised to hear that aside from the bunny – nothing. Why? We’ve put our house up for sale! We’ve spent much of the time straightening up things, cleaning, etc. and making our house ready to show. Cross your fingers all goes well and it will sell soon.
What does that mean for sewing? Nothing at the moment, except you might be subjected to hearing a few updates here and there (and I’ll have to keep my area very neat and tidy). In fact, I’ve washed my fabric for my Burda top and will be ready to cut it out tonight. But first, more cleaning!

7 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. bernadette

    Good luck – hope your house sells quickly (so you can move into another one that has a WONDERFUL sewing studio for you!!!)
    It would take us 6 months minimum to get our house ready for showing. Our next-door neighbors have been getting their house ready for sale for a couple months now. Massive de-cluttering, painters, carpet, kitchen counters, some new furniture – the works! I hope they get a great price after all that. (And that we get new neighbors as nice as they were.)
    Our previous house took 4 months to sell and I remember having to neaten and clean like crazy every morning after putting the boys on the school bus. Also sticking around for realtor calls – no cell phones back then yet.

  2. Blakely

    Spring is the best time to sell a house.
    Yesterday, I vacuumed under the table were I do my cutting out, and I realized, yet again, why my husband calls sewing a messy hobby.

  3. angie.a

    Good luck with the sale! Where are you movin to?? Any closer to moi? 😉 We’re practically neighbors the way it is! Well…within a few hundred miles anyway.

  4. stacy

    Hrmmmm, a cute skirt pattern – I’ll have to look into that, but the first one that comes to mind is the “Cute Skirts” pattern by Favorite Things. It’s nice and flowy and has a springy feel to it!
    After our house sells (crossing fingers) we’d like to move just a few miles away – still the same schools, but a bit larger home.

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