Bunnies, Pendants, Buttons, and Stamps

I present to you, our Wee Wonderful Big Footed Bunny. It is a bit unconventional – using tattoo fabric is not what you might typically see for this cute stuffie, but Taylor requested it and she likes it a lot. I initially thought it would look like a rock star and we could name it as such, but Bret has already claimed naming rights – La Chupacabra.

My jewelry bails arrived this weekend too – they are wonderfully heavy and makes the finished dichroic glass piece look professional.
Also this weekend, my first set of buttons arrived from Craftster’s Button Swap. This group was from Stepanie (thank you so much!). My absolute favorite is the black and white button – it’s fantastic and I can see it making a wonderful closure for a purse. Taylor on the other hand has claimed the rights to the hand button…. for what, we don’t know, I’m just not allowed to use it for anything. I’m sure that I will be using the blue buttons soon.
Lastly, I want to mention that if you’re into rubber stamping, we have a set of 12 mounted fruits and vegetables up on Ebay right now. Rubber stamping was something that I had tried taking up right before sewing (obviously, it didn’t stick) and they have been sitting in my crafting area ever since. Only a few stamps have actually been used, most are in brand new condition – so if this is something you like to do….head on over there and place a bid!

5 thoughts on “Bunnies, Pendants, Buttons, and Stamps

  1. stephanie

    I’m glad you like the buttons. I was thinking the Black and white one would be great for a purse.
    The hand, well I have no idea where I got thoes but they are unusual. My daughter has a small purse that has one on it for the closure. I’m glad your daughter liked it.

  2. bernadette

    the glass piece looks great. I have two such pendants my husband bought at two different museum shops as gifts for me over the last few years. They hang from black, leather-like round cords that have silver clasps. I love wearing them. One is similar colors to yours and the other is red, silver and some black. Both of mine are rectangles – almost squares. The red one is wound around the edges (which have a bit of an indent for that purpose, I guess – it was made by the craftsperson who was selling them there) with silver wire (which also forms it’s bail).

  3. Crystal

    Oh, that bunny is the cutest! (I initially typed “tat bunny” which I guess would have been ok in this case, hehe). I love the dichroic piece. I took a fused glass class, and really enjoyed it… I would still be doing it if it weren’t such an expensive hobby!

  4. Milwaukee Kelly

    Stacy, what a beautiful bead! Love that big footed… still need to get my hands on that wee wonderful pattern.

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