Bunny Feet

Wow, the weekend is already here, Taylor’s spring break is almost over, and I’m still behind on housework. I’ve been working on the Wee Wonderful Big Foot Bunny Pattern. I’m just about finished, but have have had a booger of a time on the feet. I’ve ripped out stiches and tried over again a couple of times, so I think I’ll leave the they way they are. Anyone done this pattern and have some tips? Today will be a day for stuffing it, giving it some features, and maybe some clothes. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting pictures!
What is everyone working on this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Bunny Feet

  1. Kris

    I’m finishing up two sweatshirts and a pair of pants for my little boys, then planning to start on a pillowcase and blanket for my older one to use for naps at daycare when they start this summer. We’ll see how far I get!

  2. Miss Sassy

    I bought the Wee Wonderful pattern, too. How long has it taken you (with the foot exception)? It is such a darling pattern.
    I’m finishing up a mini-crazy quilt for my Mom’s birthday and hope to make a blanket for a little boy having open-heart surgery on Tuesday. If I have time, I want to make him a stuffed dog.

  3. stacy

    It’s actually not taken me that long to work on the bunny, just a few evenings. It’s very cute, but a different stuffed design that what I’ve ever worked with before – she’s not kidding when she says “use pins!”

  4. zaneta

    Hi Stacy,
    Can’t wait to see your bunny 🙂
    I have traced off the KJ top part of the pattern and hope to have a play with it today..hopefully will have a pattern drafted for the dress the end of today. I think I will go out on a little shopping outing with Keira and then get stuck into it later this afternoon when she is having her nap..have a lovely day 🙂

  5. Aimey

    I’ve actually gotten some time this weekend to sew, haven’t had a chance all week. Today I got done an Easter pillowcase for my daughter Kiera (I make a new one for every holiday, she gets to pick the fabric and loves it!) I also made her a nightgown and started on linen napkins and tablecloths for a tea party we are having in a few weeks. I hope to start on my skirt that I will be wearing to the tea party as well – it’s all cut out and ready to go. It’s such a mood booster when I finally get the chance to sit down and feel like I’ve accomplished something. Can’t wait to see how the bunny turns out – must have been a ton of fun to make.

  6. Maureen

    Hi Stacy,
    I’m finishing up a top for my grown daughter and maybe starting some bunnies for grand daughters and cutting out a skirt.
    happy sewing,

  7. Amy

    I’m working on V8081 halter top view A in a sheer pink paisley funky fabric.
    Also need to go hit fabric store tomorrow for some interfacing to finish a skirt that started out as pattern V9928 view B but I’ve made such substantial changes to it that it no longer resembles the pattern I started with.

  8. Miss Sassy

    Every pattern is puzzling to me. I’m much better at verbal instructions! Can’t wait to see the finished bunny!
    A pillowcase for every holiday – how wonderful!

  9. Susan

    I’ll be sewing a pair of pants. I have had a pants crisis lately. All of my pants have shrunk in the length and I need more pants to wear to work. I also want some spring weight pants.
    Sew I must for pants tomorrow!

  10. bernadette

    I bought fabric in the form of a sarong skirt – already sewn into a tube at the cut edges with a french seam. It is from Indonesia and is an “engineered” print with a directonal design and a “panel” print in one area. (“Engineered” means the printing is done so that the design ends up in certain places on the finished garment.) The selvedges have a narrow, contrasting design in golden yellow and form the hem and the top edge. You step into it and pleat, tie or wrap it to fit you at waist/hips – or bust if you want a strapless dress. Mine has large, stylized floral branch patterns on a red print ground with various colored flowers and leaves.
    It was a $10 “special” at a NYC quilt show vendor table. Most of their stock real Indonesian batik prints and cost $24 and up. (They figured the qulters would buy the cotton fabrics to cut up for quilts. And most probably will!)
    It is basically 2 yards of 42″ wide cotton. I will wear it as a skirt or a dress this Spring/Summer. I would have bought more but this is the only one that liked. If I had hit that table sooner in the day, I might have found other nice ones. But I have their business card: http://www.batiktambal.com.

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