Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Yesterday, I took Taylor shopping and when I came home, I had wonderful packages waiting for me! First, my Hoodie Pattern order (from Kris) arrived (she even sent me a wonderful sample cut for the Amy Butler Lotus line, sigh, I’m in love with the print!)! I’m so excited to get started on the apron (more on that in tomorrow’s post).
My second package was the chain link fabric that I had ordered! The photo on the left is my inspiration top from the Macy’s website. I’m hoping that I can get started on this pattern soon.

Besides all my wonderful goodies this week, I’m just in awe of the number of patterns that are soon to be released. If you’ve been surfing around the internet, you’ve probably already seen all the posts – Amy Butler has a number of fantastic new designs! Instead of posting alll the photos here, I’ll point you to Kris’ entry where she shows them off (scroll down to the bottom of the entry). My favorite? The Frenchy Bag.
Hot Patterns also sent out a newsletter with some good news – not only do they have a new line of patterns being released, but they can be bought online (at Hot Patterns, McCalls, or SewingPatterns websites) and at Hancock Fabrics! Needless to say, I ran out to Hancock’s last night to check them out and came home with the Cha-Cha-Cha dress! I was suprised to see that it called for cottons – which is so exciting, because when I head over to Joann’s tomorrow (for their McCall pattern sale) I’ll have to check their selection!
Simplicity has also released their new patterns for summer. Nothing really ‘wowed’ me this time around, but it may be because I’m maxed out on patterns at the moment! What new patterns is everyone getting this spring?

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  1. Eithne

    the new hot patterns are really exciting and different.can’t wait to get a few of them.the simplicity patterns aren’t nearly as exciting as the last bunch they issued ,I was really disappointed since i loved the last ones but at least I’ll save money!:)love your blog by the way!

  2. Michee

    JUST when Hancock’s will carry HotPatterns, it’s announced that all Hancock’s in Michigan will close. That’s right, ALL of them. Beginning last weekend (I guess they’ll be open for clearancing for about 2 months). I’m very unhappy; I’d just started to like them again. There’s still some JoAnn’s and the local chain in the area (along with a miscellany of quilt shops) but it’s good to have options.
    Maybe they’ll have gotten them in before the closing…One can hope, right?

  3. Diane

    Has anyone tried any of the new Silhouette patterns? I haven’t tried any of the new ones but I have sewn quite a few of their patterns and I love, love, love them! They go together so easy and the fit is always great (at least for me).

  4. Anonymous

    I forgot that you ordered the Hoodies. What do you think of them?
    You might want to tell Michee (if you have her E-mail) that Melody ( went to her local Hancock’s here in MI & they had the new HP’s but they told her that they are closing. So even though they are closing apparently they are still getting them in. Strange. I just wish I had one closer then 45min away. Oh well.

  5. christina

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Cha-cha-cha dress, I’m interested in that pattern and I think it’s going to be very popular. I’ve ordered the HP poets blosue (so far!).

  6. Maureen

    I ,also, plan to get the chacha dress. I’m getting a Cristine Johnson princess seamed dress for a cool, comfortable summer dress.
    Love your blog. I look forward to reading it every day!

  7. bernadette

    I wasn’t going to accumulate any new patterns until I sew up some I already have. Buuut….I really like a couple of those new Simplicity patterns. And the new Hot Patterns look very interesting. But I will probably wait to see the HP’s made up by someone else since I don’t trust sketches so much.
    (The main thing I notice across all pattern companies is that their sketches make the outfits look fuller, with more flattering drape, than the sewn garment photos ever have! Not to mention that they draw the figures even SKINNIER than real models are!
    I’ve discovered that I can play with the aspect ratio on our HDTV and make the skinny models and actresses wider so they look like most of us – not fat, just “real”. I did that this AM when there was a Nicole Miller fashion show on MARTHA. The clothes still looked great and it was easier to tell if they would be flattering. HAHA)
    I saw that Macy’s tunic top worn at a swing dance and it was very striking! The dancer wore it with black, knit gaucho (cropped)pants. You will look great!

  8. Stephanie C

    Lovely goodies! Thank you for tipping me off about the Joann McCalls pattern sale. Is that the entire weekend or just Friday? My Joann fliers have been coming late (after the sales, boo!), I don’t know what is going on with my postal service.
    I’ve only recently gotten into sewing clothing and have only used Simplicity patterns so far. Are Mccalls patterns pretty easy to work with?

  9. stacy

    I think I’ll have to check, but the Joann’s sale runs today through Saturday…. I like McCalls patterns, they are easy to sew, but some patterns have a lot of ease to them – double check the finished garment measurements before you decide on a pattern size to see what size you might want to make!
    I’m so glad to hear about the Macy’s top – I wasn’t sure how I felt about the fabric, until I saw that top… then I knew I had to make it! LOL I agree on the sketches too – they look so different sometimes(I really like to see live models wearing clothes). Good tip on the HD – hehehhe, that could be fun!
    I haven’t tried Silhouette patterns, but will do a bit of research on them and see what I can find!

  10. Aimey

    Unfortunately several of the JoAnns in my area have gone out of business. Currently the one in the next town over is in liquidation and I was able to purchase a bunch of Vogue patterns for super cheap. I’ve never sewn with vogue before but have always loved the clothing styles. I’m a semi-novice sewer and I’ll admit that Vogue has always been a little intimidating to me. Now that I feel like I have a little confidence I’m excited to try out some of these. Any tips about how Vogue patterns typically come out? I’m also intrigued by the hot patterns. I can’t wait to stop by Hancock and see what’s available – and love the new amy butler patterns – thanks for the info! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog.

  11. Lori

    The very same fabric was delivered to my house today. I am probably going to do a top similar to the picture. Patterns, I have Simplicity 3867, Vogue 8034 and Butterick 4976 on my list to buy. I believe they are some recommended patterns from Gorgeous Things website (fabric one).

  12. stephanie

    I ordered that same fabric but in the other color. I have so much blue going on right now I was trying to expand my color choices.
    I’m still trying to not buy any patterns untill May 1 st. I really like 2 of the Amy Butler patterns though.
    I mailed off buttons to you this morning for the button swap.

  13. stacy

    Yay, I’m so excited to get buttons!!! I seem to have a lot of black or black & white combos. I realized I need more color to my wardrobe! LOL
    Aimey – I actually love the way Vogue turns out. I usually have more success with them than what I do the Simplicity, McCall, Butterick ones. I also like how they rate their patterns, it is very helpful!

  14. Tammy

    Stacy – I know you were looking at the Hoodie apron pattern (very cute BTW) but did you get any other patterns?
    I can’t wait to see your finished items.

  15. stacy

    I got the apron pattern and the Bean Bag pattern. The bean bag pattern is an unusual shaped bag (like an oval) and has a small wristlet strap with a zipper right down the front. Taylor had a lunchbox that looked similar to it several years ago – it may be why I liked it so much! LOL

  16. Sharon

    Looks like the Hot Patterns cha-cha-cha dress is going to be the one everyone sews from this collection. I’m getting it also. I think I’m going to be disappointed that I didn’t order some of that chain link fabric when I start seeing everyone else sew theirs up!

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