Just In Time For Spring

Yippie! I have a new pair of pants to wear just in time for spring!

So let me tell you a little about this pattern. First off, like many Burda WOF patterns, the directions are not stellar. If your a novice or haven’t made a pair of pants with hip pockets, you my have a bit of trouble understanding the instructions themselves. If you have some experience with making this style of pants or have a good set of directions to refer to, you’ll do great (you’ll still get there even if you don’t, but it may take a bit longer).
The pattern calls for a ribbed cotton interlock for the waistband. I had purchased some over the weekend, but I wound up not using it – after compairing the fabrics in direct sunlight, there were obvious shade differences! Since it was too noticeable, so I opted to use the french terry for the waitband too – which created quite a bit of bulk in the waitband and pocket area. Speaking of the waistband – I took a tip from MéLisa and used a combination of elastic and cording. Basically I cut a length of elastic the same size as by back width cut my cording (a pink and white shoestring) in half and sewed each half to the ends of the elastic. This makes the pants more comfortable, they are easier to pull up and down without having to untie them, and seems to keep the waistband snug against my body (as opposed to loosening up when it’s drawstring only).
The last thing I did was take a bunch of length off the pants. When I had traced these, I omitted any hems, thinking this would be enough to make them roughly the correct size. Boy, was I wrong! I took up an additional 3 inches – I now believe that I am shrinking.
Lastly, I’m contemplating putting some sort of emblem or rhinestones, etc. on them to give them a more RTW appearance. I may wear them around for awhile and see what I can come up with.

6 thoughts on “Just In Time For Spring

  1. angie

    You know, I should really hate you for your itty bitty bum. 😀 They look great! I have this one marked “to do”…and I have turquoise stretch terry waiting. Maybe I should make them today while I’m avoiding spring cleaning.

  2. Anonymous

    You pants look Fab! I am so glad that they came out great. Do you love them? I almost live in mine in the winter. I might have to find some lighter weight knit to make a summer pair. I think that I will skip the pockets on my next pair though. They do add bulk.

  3. Crystal

    Those look great! They look RTW already. I hate how vague Burda’s instructions are. I think I’m going to look for a good track/yoga pant pattern, though. I can never find ones I really like, but never thought till now of making my own!

  4. Jeannie W.

    The pants you made look great, love the color. If you remember from you teacher’s gifts post, I suggested an apron panel from Fabric Traditions which is no longer in production. I actually found 4 panels!! They were $6 a panel and I had a 50% off coupon! HA! So I got the 4 panels for $12, score!! I only need 3. I would love to send you the 4th one, if you would like. It would be a little gift to you as a thank you for your great blog. You are always so kind, giving away some great sewing stuff–so if you would like it, let me know and I’ll mail it off to you, no problem. Thanks!
    Jeannie W.

  5. stacy

    Thanks everyone! I do love these, they are so comfy… I love the fabric too, even though it is a bit bulky in areas.
    McCall 3261 looks like a pretty good yogatrack pattern – I have this one in my stash, but still haven’t sewn it up yet.

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