Stupid Sock Creatures

Move over sock monkeys, there’s a new plush in town and they are called Stupid Sock Creatures. I had originally ordered this book during my plush making phase a few months ago and decided to pay a few extra dollars and spring for the kit – because why not have everything you need to start making plush right at your fingertips? Inside the kit (which I was suprised was a heavy box with a magnetic closure) was 2 pairs of socks, thread, fiberfill, metal stuffing tools, ribbon, buttons, and the book itself.

Even if you’ve never made a plush before this book will give you all the basics – cutting, sewing, knotting, pinning, stuffing (even what to do with all those leftover sock scraps) – all the bases are covered. But if you’re not ready to venture out into creature crafting and would prefer more gudelines on making your new plush, then that’s covered too. Keep in mind there are no patterns included in this book – there are lots of illustrations and well written instructions, but you are on your own to make those crucial cuts into the sock! The author also helps guide you into what creatures you might want to start with first by order of difficulty.
The art in this book is great, the author is extremely knowledgeable and funny, and the gallery provides loads of inspiration. The only problem after reading this book – finding fantastic socks to cut up to create creatures!

4 thoughts on “Stupid Sock Creatures

  1. Isabelle

    Wow, that kit is brilliant! Of course, now I want one. Need to find out whether it’s sold on too, but I’d be surprised… 😉
    Never mind, thanks for the inspiration. I can’t wait to see your plushies.

  2. cammy

    New socks.
    Two socks.
    Whose socks?
    Sue’s Socks!
    Who sews whose socks?
    Sue sews Sue’s socks.
    Who sees who sew
    whose new socks, sir?
    You see Sue sew
    Sue’s new socks, sir.

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