Tank Complete!

At last, the Simplicity tank is finished! You can see the finished photo on the sidebar or read a little more about here on Pattern Review. So what do I think about this pattern?

First off, I can tell that this tank is really designed for a fuller bust. I feel like the cups are much too large for my girls (who are not the b-cup that most pattern companies draft for). If I make this again, I will definitely make an adjustment in this area. Other than that, the fit is really nice – for once I didn’t have the gaping under the arms and the back fits snugly – so I’m not having to tugging at it to pull it up. My only suggestion is that you wait to hem your garment until it’s completely finished and let it hang for a day or to avoid having to adjust your hem for fabric stretch.
Now, onto this week’s goal: Construct eye pillows for the Craftster Sweat Shoppe Shop and start on a second project. At the moment, I’m extremely torn between the Onion Jacket and Jalie top!

8 thoughts on “Tank Complete!

  1. karine

    Love the top. As for you next project, I vot the jacket. I went to my LFS and couldn’t find a blue and white striped seersucker to do one. I know, very specific…

  2. Anonymous

    You top turned out really cute. I almost bought that pattern (thank goodness I didn’t because I have too many patterns, more on that later), but I dislike the skinny straps for me. It looks great on you.
    I vote for the jacket, then the top, because with the weather getting warmer you won’t have too long before it’s too warm to wear it.

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