Growth And Goodies

Last week, Tuesday was blogging about a visit to Trader Joe’s – since I don’t have one near me, I asked her what they were like and we started talking about all their goodies. Yesterday, I opened up my mailbox and had a wonderful surprise inside! Treats from Trader Joe’s and a pretty recipe card holder from Tuesday! I’ve already eaten 1/2 the bag of sesame sticks and even started dipping them in the hot mustard she sent (I love sweet hot mustards). I’m cracking the candy bar open tonight!
In other news, somebody grew overnight and it wasn’t my daughter!

I started putting my Simplicity tank together yesterday and noticed that the under layer was noticeably longer than the top layer (they should only be a few inches apart)! Even though they weren’t hanging, the fabric managed to (excessively) stretch in the front. I’m sure that this is because the layers were cut on the bias. Now that the top is put together, I’ll have to go back and adjust the hem. Be prepared for a finished tank tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Growth And Goodies

  1. Julia

    It’s it funny how inanimate objects grow? My dress form changed sizes, only unlike your fabric, it didn’t grow, it seems to have shrunk!

  2. bernadette

    Since the garment was meant to be cut on the bias, the pattern instructions should have warned you to let the garment hang for a day or two before hemming. (Always when on the bias – also a good idea wth those heavy “slinky” knits or any heavy fabric.) Not a fun surprise for the sewer!
    However, try it on and see if the extra “length” gets re-taken up by the width of your bod – before you cut any off. It might hang differently on you.

  3. stephanie

    Trader Joes, how funny. That’s were I buy 80% of our groceries. It’s so normal to me,I never would have thought it would be exciting to anyone.
    Can;t wait to see the finished tops.

  4. Anonymous

    We don’t have a Trader Joe’s either but I read about them all the time all over blog land. Maybe one day we’ll live near one.
    I had to let my black & white dress hang for several days before hemming too. The skirt was onteh bias & it grew quite a bit. I love the way your tank looks so far!

  5. stacy

    I tried it on and the extra length is, oddly enough, only really in the front and doesn’t really change the length when I wear it.

  6. Lori

    I’m with you on the love for Trader Joes. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and our closest Trader Joes is in Las Vegas. My sister lives there and brings me their “flattened bananas” and other dried fruit every time she visits. We’re stopping in Vegas on the way to our Disney trip next week and I’ll be growing my stash of Flattened Bananas in great amounts. YUM! YUM! YUM!

  7. stacy

    There’s a Trader Joe’s in Las Vegas? Cool, I’ll be there in just a few weeks – although, I’m guessing it might be kind of far away from where we’re staying. Have fun at Disney!

  8. Tuesday

    ACK, I’m several days behind ROFL, so I wanted to let you know I’m glad you were pleased with the package 😉 Those are a few of my favorite things (OMG, now that song is stuck in my head LOL).

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