I Like Feet

No, the title of this post isn’t some sort of personal disclosure. It’s how I feel about my sewing machine. You see, one of the ‘selling points’ of my sewing machine is all the feet that came with it (and all the variety of stitches, but that’s a whole different post!). One of my favorite is the narrow hem foot. I worked on my tank a bit more yesterday – it requires a narrow hem on each of the layers of the top. If I didn’t have this foot, I probably would have given up on this fabric since it’s the type that just doesn’t want to cooperate.

However, with the narrow hem foot – I was able to finish off the edge of each layer fairly quickly and without any problems! If your machine doesn’t come with this foot, I highly recommend getting one – it sure does make sewing easier!
As for the tank progress – I still have lots more to go. What’s left: attaching the bow and both layers to the bodice as well as inserting the zipper, whew!
Today’s must read: Dress A Day’s post on “How To Buy Fabric” – I even sent it to Bret since Erin summed it up so perfectly!

9 thoughts on “I Like Feet

  1. Tuesday

    Ooooh, the stitches are perfect!! Love it!
    I can’t wait to see it finished!
    Oh, and yes, I saw the diaper bag in Sew News…it’s big! LOL Real big!

  2. Jen

    I’m a foot nut myself too :)!!! I have so many fun extra feet for my machine. I love the narrow hem foot, although I find that it doesn’t work well with certain fabrics. I have this 1/4 inch piecing foot for quilts, but I have found a ton of other uses for it too. I use it for topstitching, and also for french seams.

  3. Necia

    Oh do tell what kind of machine you have. I’m in the market for a new machine, and I keep getting overwhelmed with all the varieties out there. I do know, that I want lots of feet, lol.

  4. Emy

    I have one of those feet but I can’t figure out how it works for the life of me! Any pointers or suggestions?

  5. stephanie

    I love sewing machine feet so much it helped me to decide what machine to get. I had a Bernina artista that was extremely tempermental. Last spring I traded it in for a Viking and it came with either 12 or 13 feet. The right foot makes all the differece oh, and of course the right machine. My machine also came with a book “I love to sew with my feet”
    very helpful if you haven’t used many of the different feet before.
    The projects are Blahh but good info.

  6. stacy

    I have a Singer 9940 – I love this machine! Besides the feet, the other thing that I liked about it was all the different automatic buttonholes.
    As for tips on the narrow hem – before you start your material into your foot, start about 2-3 inches (folding over 1/4 inch and then folding over itself and stitching on your machine). Then insert your material through that ‘curl’ of your foot and start stitching – the foot should curl the material in over itself so you don’t have to do the work. Hope that all made sense.

  7. bernadette

    I remember liking the two fabrics you chose for this project so I am really looking forward to seeing the finished tank.

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