Yesterday, while the oil was being changed in our car, my mom and I headed out to the mall to shop. Let me just say, I’m so glad that I sew because either everything seems way too overpriced for what they are offering (I know it’s designer, but do I really need to spend $75 on a t-shirt?) or just horrible fashion. At least I didn’t see anything that looked like this. Something tells me you can’t go through airport security wearing a getup like that.

In the mean time, I’ve made a small dent into the household cleaning… In between vacuuming and laundry folding I managed to cut the fabric for the Simplicity tank. I was expecting a real headache cutting the material (it’s that sort of sheer fabric that seems to move around when you touch it), but it looks like everything came out pretty smoothly. Now to stop blogging and get to sewing!

2 thoughts on “Cutting

  1. Stephanie

    I am having a pretty stressfull day and then I read your blog and had to laugh at the crazy outfit. Thanks for giving me that moment of fun.

  2. Tara

    Dear God… those poor models! how embarrassing. Suits the designers just fine. They can make up what ever they want and those poor girls wear them. they were probably snickering behind the curtain the whole time. Who are they kidding. Only Paris hilton would wear that, But she doesn’t have to. all her outfits come complete with lights and camera anyway. Ok catty break over! thanks for the laugh.

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