Monthly Archives: March 2007

In The Mail

I know that Monday is generally looked at as being one of those dreadful days (going back to work, getting back into the grove, etc), but I always look forward to Monday because the mail is usually so kind. Yesterday was no exception….

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Stupid Sock Creatures

Move over sock monkeys, there’s a new plush in town and they are called Stupid Sock Creatures. I had originally ordered this book during my plush making phase a few months ago and decided to pay a few extra dollars and spring for the kit – because why not have everything you need to start making plush right at your fingertips? Inside the kit (which I was suprised was a heavy box with a magnetic closure) was 2 pairs of socks, thread, fiberfill, metal stuffing tools, ribbon, buttons, and the book itself.

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Another Necklace

After getting my hair done yesterday, I popped into one of my local Joann’s to get some knit ribbing for my Burda track pants (I didn’t get to see anyone’s comments on how well self fabric worked until after I got home). I also browsed the novelty fabric section and found some wonderful prints that I might use for the Hoodie’s Collection apron or Bean Bag patterns which I ordered from Kris’ (a.k.a Monkey Foot Designs) Ebay store. I’m just having a hard time deciding if the apron should be pretty (like the one on the pattern envelope), funky (use all novelty prints), or one of each since it is reversible!
Bret and Taylor were supposed to be off fishing for the day, but since they fish weren’t really biting and the wind was picking up, they come home early. That meant that I didn’t get any sewing time in. However, I did have enough time to make this:

This is my second attempt at making a necklace and I have to say, went much better than the last one. Now, I need to order The Impatient Beader Gets Inspired: A Crafty Chick’s Guide to Instant Inspiration so I can get some creative beading ideas!

Basket Fillers

When I started cleaning out my sewing area, I came across a pattern that I had created to make this Easter basket several years ago:

It got me thinking, Easter is still several weeks away, but it’s never too early to start crafting, so why not post some fun goodies that can be stuffed into a treat basket, or better yet, make the whole basket yourself!

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Massive Head

Since many of the projects that I would like to start involve pattern tracing, I decided that I need to work on something that I can sew up. That’s why I picked Frankenteddy! There were no instructions that came with the downloaded pattern, so I’m ‘winging it’ – and I am feeling very liberated since I have nothing to fall back on! LOL. So far, the only completed part is the head – and it’s quite massive even without stuffing.

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Mark One Off The List

One of my weekly objectives was to make eye pillows for the Sweat Shoppe Swap – (which there are 52 participants, WOW) stamp this one DONE!

I made a few slight changes this time around. Instead of zig-zagsatin stitching the design, I used an applique stitch on my machine – I like the fact that it looks like I spent a lot of time hand stitching it on (not to mention the fact that it looks neater)! Secondly, I backed each pillow with a purple satin. Each pillow is still stuffed with rice, but I did do a bit of ‘research’ on fillers and read that feed corn is also a good substitute – it can still be heated and is supposed to give a nice earthy corn fragrance.