Aprons And Tanks

I’ve been sewing, honestly! And here’s the proof:

Yesterday, I finished up 2 aprons – I even stitched on a gold, braided cord for ‘lassos’ (they weren’t sewn on when I took the picture)! And while I had fun making them, I sure did have a booger of a time with the lame. I had ordered a different kind that what I had previously – it seems to have more shine to it (the previous lame had more of a black undertone while this one seems gold all the way through) and ‘snaged’ easier if my machine needle hit a slub in the fabric.
Now that I’ve gotten one major thing crossed of my ‘to do list’, it’s on to the Simplicity tank! But first, my house needs a bit of spring cleaning – it’s beginning to look a bit like my sewing table, messy.
Quick Question: My serger uses Singer 2022 needles. Does anyone know of a good resource where I can buy these in ‘bulk’ at a discounted price? I realized yesterday that the needles I had picked up at the recent Joann’s sale were the wrong size and now I’m left to look for a good online resourse.

8 thoughts on “Aprons And Tanks

  1. Tuesday

    Ohhhhhhhh baby. I really have got to get one of your aprons when I’m not broke. LOL!! I love it! They look toooo cute!
    Good job.
    as for serger needles…I have nooooo clue. Good luck!

  2. bernadette

    Your aprons are cute as ever! Someone will be thrilled to get them.
    Lame is woven with black, white, or colored warp thread and that makes the final colors very different. I’ve had the same prob with quality. And lame is always a booger to sew. But it’s *SHINY*!
    Your serger needles appear everywhere to cost $1 each – in packs of five, so $5. Some are single-size packs and some are variety of sizes. Unless you find someone besides Singer, someone who makes clones, it is unlikely you will get a deal unless you happen upon a sale.
    Won’t Hancock’s trade for the right needles? They sell that exact serger, don’t they? It would be good customer service.

  3. stacy

    Joann’s and Hancock’s don’t seem to carry this particular needle in stock. I already took them back to Joanns and asked about them…
    I did see that Hancock’s carries them on their online store, so I guess the next time they have a notions sale on their site, I’ll have to load up!
    Thanks everyone on the aprons!

  4. jessi

    Hi Stacy, I was actually going to ask you the same thing about the needles (I have the same serger!).
    I bought a package but I need to take them back (wrong size). Neither of my stores carry them.
    If I find another place than Hancock’s I’ll let you know.

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