Sometimes I get so caught up in sewing garments that I forget it’s important to accessorize your outfit. I generally wind up wearing something that’s been in my jewelry box for some time. However, after loosing one of my favorite pairs of earrings last week, Bret offered to take me out shopping for jewelry!

It’s been awhile since I did this, but I settled on two gold necklaces (one with matching earrings), a pair of gold and silver hoops from Anne Klein, and a new purse. Apparently, I’m attracted to buckles, because every purse that I liked had one somewhere on it. It’s a bit larger than what I would normally carry, but since we’ll be on vacation soon, I figured I had better have something that I could load everyone’s stuff into.

I’ve also made a few fabric purchases – my Fabric Mart swatch mailer arrived yesterday and I couldn’t resist. I ordered several yards of fuchsia French Terry, black and white piques (for Simplicity 3833), and the mystery bundle. Last week, I ordered some of’s heathered camo pink jersey knit, the price seemed just right and it reminded me of Simplicity 3882.

6 thoughts on “Accessorize

  1. bernadette

    Your “jewels” are so nice! I imagine they will look even better on YOU than on the stair post.
    I’ve resisted the BIG bags so far but some are very tempting and I always end up with a purse AND a tote bag on trips. (And it’s true – really big bags DO make a person look smaller by contrast!)
    I used to notice (when I was out working everyday) that the co-workers who took the time to wear carefully selected jewelry, scarves, hairclips, etc always looked so much better than the rest of us. These were mostly the older ladies. Young, pretty women can skip the accessories for years! They don’t need to “distact” the eye of the beholder so much. Haha. I guess I have reached the age of distraction myself.
    I myself am distracted by our broken (heat pump) furnace – happened sometime this morning. I have tried ALL the “fixes” the repairmen have suggested over the years. (They long ago resorted to giving me a tool and extra internal fuses – this thing used to break down every 4-6 months!!! It’s been 14 month since last breakdown.) And I can’t reach our repairman. I may have to try another company, but the labor is free under warranty with the one I usually use!!!
    It sounds like you are gearing up for some major Spring sewing. Have fun!

  2. Tara

    Love the bag. I am loving buckles right now too. Love the lecklaces too. I am more of a necklace than an earing or bracelet person. prob because i am always pulling on my earrings and bracelets get in my way.
    P.s. don’t go on a cruise for your vacation. I had alot of fun but i ate too much and now i have to work twice as hard to get it off. Unless you are already going on one, then hooray. it is a great kid vacation. But i think next time i will go some place where food is not so copious and walking is involved some of the time.

  3. Tuesday

    I love it allllllll. 😉
    What a guy!! Good for him for taking you shopping LOL.
    I love the big and the buckles right now too…although…being a ‘purse maker’ by trade, I haven’t even bothered trying to make a ‘big buckled bag’ yet
    Hopefully cute and sassy will make it’s way around again soon ;). ROFL

  4. Stacy

    There seems to be lots of buckle bags out there right now…if I win the lottery, watch out (and the shoe department too)! LOL
    No cruises lined up, but almost as bad… Vegas. Home of the all night buffets!

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