Oscar 2007 Fashions

I have to admit, I skipped watching this year’s Oscars – they have just gotten to be way to long to watch. However, I still love to see the red carpet arrivals! One of my favorite dresses of the evening has to be Cate Blanchett’s Giorgio Armani Prive gown. It’s amazingly beautiful and is extremely flattering.

Another one of my favorites is the dress worn by Portia Di Rossi – although, in my opinion, she could wear almost anything and still look fantastic (but a bit too skinny). My other top choices – Jodie Foster (pictured at right), Rachel Weisz, and Rese Witherspoon (both of whom I think look consistantly great at formal events).
Of course, with every event there are those who make the ‘worst dressed’ list. Here’s mine:
Jada Pinket-Smith has always had a unique style, but last night she looked like a cross between the Oscar award and a Roman warrior wearing battle armor. Her dress reminds me of Vogue 288.
Gywneth Paltow’s dress might not look bad if it was in a different color, but it’s just a few shades away from her skin tone and just makes her look, well, naked.

Jennifer Lopez’s
dress makes her look like a Greecian muse – which might not be a bad thing, excpet for all the ‘jewels’ going on at the top of this little number.
Penelope Cruz’s dress not only looks like it’s made from flamingos, it appears that it’s incredibly heavy.
So who made you top list for best and worst dressed?

7 thoughts on “Oscar 2007 Fashions

  1. bernadette

    I did watch most of the Oscars – doing laundry at the same time, though.They ran late, as usual.
    I agree with most of your dress choices. The bodice of Rachel’s dress especially intrigued me. But now that I see the full-length photo, I am reminded why I don’t buy/sew/wear/ bias-cut satiny fabric dresses – EVERY bump/bulge/bone/panty line, etc SHOWS as if in spotlight!
    One thing that stood out in general was that all the dresses had TRAINS, or pooled all around on the floor. Definitely meant for standing still and looking good – no real walking, dancing, etc allowed! And no one can stand very close to you, either! haha
    There is a minor trend to this look in dresses now – the back hems are longer than the front ones, by a little or a lot, in cocktail and evening dresses and even day dresses. They call it a Flamenco hem. Best for people with nice knees/calves/ankles! The girl who was doing some of the announcing, wearing a black flamenco-hemmed dress, did not have the best legs for this look -her knees looked big and bony, even if they are not.
    There were no truly ugly or inapproprate dresses this Oscar’s. It was all rather elegant and well-done. I thought.
    Note the lack of any PRINT fabrics at the Oscars. This Spring/Summer RTW clothes are full of prints. Then FALL will come and wipe them all away with grey/metallic/black/white/neutral simplicity. So use up that wild print stash NOW!

  2. Penny

    My Hits: Cate Blanchett (my absolutel favorite), Portia Di Rossi, and Rachel Weisz.
    My Misses: Jada Pinket-Smith, Kirsten Dunst (I thought the color made her look washed out and it didn’t fit that well), Jennifer Hudson (what was up with that jacket & POCKETS?), Meryl Streep, and Cameron Diaz.

  3. brenadette

    I just looked again at the style.com Oscar photos and it appears they have switched out that slightly unflattering pic of Rachel Weisz for a new one.
    Also noticed in other on-line photos that most of the stars change into something else (without a train, haha) to attend the after-parties.

  4. stacy

    I noticed lots of trains – I wonder how dirty they get by the end of the night (or at least until they change for the after parties!)? You’re right about the lack of prints too – you know I never noticed that until you pointed it out. ACK! I love prints!
    I’ll have to go back and look for the pink dress and see who wore it. I did find some more dressespeople this afternoon that I didn’t recall seeing yesterday….
    BTW, did anyone see Jack Nicholson last night? He looked like Marlon Brando.

  5. Lori

    Hits: Jodie Foster (love blue)
    Miss: Always Cameron Diaz. She has terrible taste and it looks as though she styles her hair herself. Meryl Streep looked doudy.

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