With a renewed interest in sewing in the past year, it’s nice to see that there are more magazine options available to the home sewer. Yesterday, I got a copy of the premier issue of Sew Stylish. For those who haven’t seen this issue yet, the publisher of Threads has produced a quarterly magazine geared toward the beginningnovice sewer or someone who’s interested in increasing their skills but is not ready to dive into some of the advanced or couture techniches typically found in Threads.

For those who already subscribe to Threads, you will recogonize some of the articles that have previously appeared in their magazine (for example Ann‘s recent pressing techniques piece is featured in Sew Stylish). However, all of the articles that are included are great information – pressing, choosing the best seam for your project, and key techniques such as zipper insertion, buttonholes and hems just to name a few. Also included in this magazine are tips on how to modify some of the new Simplicity Sew Stylish patterns just by changing the fabrics. And no magazine would be complete without a few simple, quick to sew projects – this issue has as a cute purse, an easy to sew shrug, a tiered skirt and wide belt. The thing I like best about this magazine is it’s youthfulness – it’s got trendy designs and articles, projects that are quick and easy to sew, and great information that anyone can use. I can’t wait to see what the next issue will bring. In the meantime, be sure to check out the SewStylish blog.
Speaking of magazines, I neglected to mention that my Burda Easy Fashion arrived. I probably forgot to say anything about it because I’m sort of feeling ‘meh’ over the whole issue. At some point I will probably make this top because it’s cute, summery, and has lots of possiblities and maybe this dress (I love all the topstitching and details). However, I don’t see me sewing much else – for example, this series of dresestunic tops looks like it would pose a number of fitting nightmares for me. Just look at the gapeyness (is that even a word?) at the neckline on the model, I think that it would be a “Flashdance” design on me – and personally I don’t want to re-live that look! I may sit on this issue for awhile and change my mind – which is a good thing, I have projects backed up as it is and really don’t need to add more to it!
So, what has everyone else been reading lately?

5 thoughts on “Magazines

  1. Crystal

    I was looking at that copy of Sew Stylish in Barnes and Noble, but didn’t pick it up. I have been regretting it a bit… I didn’t get it so that I could get some knitting magazines, but it really looked interesting.
    I love the grey button dress thing you linked to. Where is Burda Easy Fashion available? How much is it normally?

  2. stacy

    I got my Easy Fashion from GLP (they are the same ones who do the World of Fashion subscriptions) – I think a single issue was $8 or $9. The only catch is that the magazine is no longer published in English so I have the German version. I think that most of the illustrations are good enough that you can get away with just looking at the picutres alone without needing to translate the directions.

  3. jemima bean

    That was my exact reaction. Meh. The little tops I liked are the ones not included 😀
    Do you know how many times I’ve heard a Flashdance reference lately??? I see leg warmers in our near future (ok, not mine. Please God.)

  4. melissa

    I can’t believe you’re “meh” over the new Easy Fashion!! This is the first one they’ve ever produced that I actually want, ney, NEED! I’m trying to get someone in Germany to ship it to me, since it’s proving impossible to get in the UK, even special ordered…
    But since I’m STILL homeless and without my sewing supplies, I’ve done the next best thing and bought a bunch of pattern magazines (when I was in the Netherlands over the weekend):
    1. March Burda WOF
    2. February KnipMode
    3. March KnipMode, which had a bonus issue packaged with it! score!
    All of the above are in Dutch, but I never read the instructions anyway and I’ve got fashion photos to see whether it’s knit or woven so I’m sure I can figure out the rest. Now if only the rest of my trip went as well as my magazine search… 🙁

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