Wow, where has this week gone? It’s Friday, already? Yesterday was a whirlwind of activities – dentist appointments, parent/teacher conference, hosting the teacher dinner…… I had no time to sew, let alone think about it – and my sewing area is still in the same condition as the photo from the other day. However, some of my resin pieces are finally complete. Unfortunately, I had to make a small batch of resin to finish up 4 pieces and I think that I didn’t mix it properly since they are still sticky. Here’s what I have so far:

So what did I learn from my first batch?
1. I love the oval shape of the mold – by far my favorite.
2. Glitter with clear plastic looks like juvenile jewelry. Black with glitter looks weird.
3. Use liquid pigments to color your resin. On the two blue pieces and the pink card, I used eyeshadow – I never could get it to mix properly, so it came out chunky in pieces.
4. Do not make very small batches of resin – it’s easier to goof up the ratio and get a batch that will never cure.
Now I need to find a hand drill or small Dremmel bit to make holes in them!
In the mail yesterday was my fabric from the Craftster 1/2 Dozen Fat Quarter Swap:

I got some wonderfully fun fabrics – a very pretty redgreen leaf print, a blueredpink swirl batik, a red floral print on a white background (which might be my favorite of the bunch), a Chinese character print (which I also love), a pink brocade like fabric, and a surfboardbeach print. She also included a very cool wine label! I loved this swap – of course getting fabrics in the mail is always fun.

5 thoughts on “Friday?

  1. Anonymous

    I like the one in the middle with the red flower & the rectangle in the lower left corner the best. I think that for your first try they look pretty good!
    Great fabrics too! So what cha gonna make?

  2. bernadette

    The resin things look like fun! I can’t tell how big or heavy they are, but maybe you could encase various small sewing objects in them and make a “sewing theme” belt or necklace or bracelet or decorate a bag, etc.
    (possible inclusions? : fabric scraps, bobbin, needle, pins, buttons,threads)
    (Candy theme? : pez, gumballs m&m’s, hard candy, hershey kiss, haha – wonder how edibles would hold up!)
    My father-in-law used to take apart old, broken watches and encase the gears, faces, hands, etc in resin. These days, I guess we could encase the little circuit boards. They would look interesting.
    Can you “cast in” hanging or attaching devices like loops of wire?

  3. stacy

    I did have a piece of candy in one (a “LOVE” candy heart from Valentines Day), but that was one of the pieces that didn’t turn out quite right. When I read the resin book, it said that you could use various candies, but be sure to seal it before casting it in resin, otherwise, over time it will degrade the cast. If you do use fabric, you’re supposed to seal it several times with something like ModPodge otherwise it becomes transparent….. Oh, boy so many thing to try! I don’t see why you couldn’t cast in hanging wires, etc. Hum, maybe for the next round!
    I’m not sure what to do with my new fabrics yet…..I’m sure that I’ll find something soon! LOL

  4. alexandria

    ahh! they are lovely Stacy! job well done!! I really like the heart shaped mold and that’s what’s making me crazy about wanting to try resin. I also love the oval too. was this all one mold? I think i saw something like this at hobby lobby..not sure.
    my favorite piece is the flower one. very pretty : )

  5. stacy

    The flower on is my favorite too. I got the mold from Hobby Lobby – it’s like a resin sampler, with 2 or 3 of a variety of shapes to work with.

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