Messes & Resin

The weather outside yesterday was beautiful – no wind, temperatures in the 50’s, and lots of sunshine. After a bit of housework, my resin curiosity got the best of me. So working outside, wearing gloves and mask (I’m sure my neighbors were wondering what I was doing), I started playing around with Easy Cast. The picture on the right is what I’ve done so far. Some molds are completely full, some have glitter, some have inserts, some are ‘marbled’ (which I think will turn out horribly). I’m letting these cure overnight and will finish them up tomorrow (weather permitting).

Seeing that I didn’t clean my sewing area, I’ll go ahead and show you it’s current state:

I know, it’s awful… maybe this will motivate me to clean it up! So, this is what I have going on with my table – piles in between all my machines. Some are UFOs (unfinished objects) and WIPs (work in progress), some are catalogs, books and magazines. Since it’s almost impossible to sew with large piles looming over me, I have moved some of these to the floor area – this also includes fabric and notions that should be put away into the shelving unit on the right (which also needs straightening up – look at those patterns teetering over the edge of that bin!).

8 thoughts on “Messes & Resin

  1. stephanie

    Just to show your not alone I will post a picture of mine. It’s dark and foggy this morning but, it should clear up enough this afternoon for me to get a good picture taken. .

  2. blakely

    I would feel at home in your sewing room. My husband is a total neat freak and didn’t grow up in a house with a mom who sewed. He doesn’t understand the mess at all.

  3. bernadette

    You are such a sport for showing us your “messy” sewing space! We all end up that way some of the time and my space has now been “a mess” almost continuously for years. I have actually “lost” things in it.
    Maybe we can have a cleaning contest? haha (I have a sister who would ALWAYS win.)

  4. stacy

    Well, snap those pictures before you do…. I’ll have to look, but I know that there is a contest for the messiest craft area. I’ll post the link once I find it.

  5. Debbie Cook

    Looks like you started a new “meme” … I posted mine this morning. Yours looks pretty good, Stacy. I’m a stacker too, but then the stacks make me crazy and I have to put things away so my stacks are smaller. My kitchen counter is notorious for stacks in process.

  6. Lisa Laree

    Ok, I posted pictures. I’ve been meaning to clean it ever since Christmas…but, well, somehow I’m managing to just push things around and keep going…

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