If you can look past the fact that I look absolutely horrible in this picture, you can see that I’ve made a new spring top! This is the pre-shirred material that I got from Joann’s on Saturday – which I decided to turn into a haltertanktunic. When the weather turns warm(er) I plan on pairing this with a pair of white capris, shorts may get burried under all the material and I don’t want people questioning if I’m wearing a micro mini dress!

Next up, the Onion top. I’ve already cut some fabric out (a nice jersey stripe from my stash) and am all ready to get sewing. But first, it’s time to do some much needed housework – the dreaded laundry.

20 thoughts on “Shirred

  1. Anonymous

    Nahhh Laundry will be there tomorrow you should sew instead!
    Cute top! I was looking at the bolts & bolts of shirred fabric that my Joann’s has in. Most of it looked to be for little girl’s dresses though. I am not sure that is up with my Joanns but they had no good fabric at all! Blah!
    By the way there is nothing wrong with your picture.

  2. Aimey

    I have to agree, the Joann near me is also lacking in the fabric dept. It seems that they are focusing more and more on crafts and less on the fabric. The Hancock is even worse – unless you need fleece! It’s really a bummer these days when I’m excited for a project and can’t find the right fabric. I do love that top you made with the shirred fabric though, I thought about some of that but I felt like it was a little pricey. It certainly makes me long for summer!

  3. Anary

    You look very nice!
    The top is a beauty too!!!!!!!!
    I did not see any shirred material in my Joann superstore…the store is big and there is so much overthere that I get lost..bummer!
    Well your top is FAB!

  4. Isabelle

    What a cute top! And, honestly, before I read your words, I was thinking how beautiful you are. If you are supposed to look horrible in that picture, you must be gorgeous the rest of the time!

  5. Anonymous

    WOW!! I just got the same pre-shirred material!! LOL! I went to JoAnns with my eldest daughter’s Girl Scout leader. They are performing a skit for a dinner and we were going to buy “tropical” or “summer” type fabric for their musical number but we found all this great pre-shired material to make dresses for the girl. My JoAnns must have just got them in. They had the one you got Stacy and several more. One was black with big sunflowers and another was a bright pink paisley. I purchased extra of the pink paisley one so I could make matching dresses for my 3 girls. I brought about a yard for each girl scout and with our coupons we did great. These dresses are so easy to make!! The girls will be wearing flowers in their hair and flower flip-flops. I didn’t even think about picking up some material for me but as usual Stacy, you always have great ideas. So I guess I have to go back to JoAnns!
    Jeannie W.

  6. zaneta

    Hi Stacy,
    This is a gorgeous top..just put a thick belt around the waist..some nice shorts with big rolled up cuffs and some wedges you will look so funky…!!!

  7. Leora

    ^^yeah, what she said!
    I can’t believe you are sewing for spring already. eesh! I better get a move on my game plan for warmer weather attire… it is just around the corner 🙂

  8. Henriette

    Oh by the way, if you have problems with the Onion pattern, just let me know, I’ll be happy to try and translate for you, since I am Danish(although I bet you got the pattern from Maria, with English instructions)

  9. stacy

    Spring sewing is probably my favorite! So as soon as the weather turns a little ‘warm’, I start. This top was particularly easy – I highly recommend sewing up one of these if you’re looking for a quickie project!
    Henriette – fortunately, this Onion did come with English instructions, which is good since this pattern (maybe all of them?) doesn’t have illustrations. I may take you up on your offer, though, if I get more that aren’t translated!

  10. bernadette

    Your top is pretty and so delightfully summery!
    Maybe you can also wear it as a skirt? Or Taylor can, when you are “done” with it. haha

  11. Lori

    I’ve seen that fabric and wondered if it would look very good on an adult. I think it looks great! I’ll have to find a cute fabric pattern.

  12. stacy

    I got this cotton material at Joann’s, but have seen some at Hancock Fabrics as well. I haven’t seen the pre-shirred terry yet, but you can do your own with regular terry material and elastic thread.

  13. Jae

    Great top! Does anyone know of a pattern using the presmocked fabric for a girls top? Like with sleeves? Live in Alaska, sleeveless doesn’t go very well here.

  14. Carol

    I am trying to make a dress like this for my daughter. I did it before and now she says it’s kinda tight. I don’t remember what percentage I used, but I know I used less width than her bust measurement. Do you know what the ratio of fabric you used was to your bust measurement? Like 3/4 of your bust size?
    thanks for you help!

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