The Brazilian

I spent some time the other afternoon, redrafting the Jalie panty. While I kept the size the same, I did need to increase the rise to accommodate the fold over elastic and eliminate the 3/4 inch stretch lace trim around the waist. While I was at it, I decided to make two pairs of the Brazilian Hipsters from the lace trim that I recently picked up from Needle Nook Fabrics.

And here they are:

Unfortunately, the black lace does not have nearly as much stretch as the red. I hadn’t noticed that when I picked it up. Not only does this make getting them on a bit of difficult, but I’m sure that they won’t last long considering all the stress the seams will have put on them. Although, I have to admit, they still look nice on.
If you’re thinking of making some for yourself, I highly recommend this style – it’s EXTREMELY easy to put together and whips up in about 15 minutes or less. I didn’t even use a serger to put these together either, a triple stretch stitch on my machine did all the work.

14 thoughts on “The Brazilian

  1. Anonymous

    Lori must be reading my mind because I was going to say it looks to be a very nice Valentine’s day for Bret! Meow!
    Too cute! Now I wish I had that Jalie pattern instead!

  2. Karine

    Every time I see those all I can think of is the chafing of the middle stitch. I’ve always wanted to get brazilians but they don’t go too well with my hips…

  3. bernadette

    Pretty panties! It’s good to know that they don’t require a serger.
    I’ll have to look for some wide lace at G Street’s sale (2/15-2/25).
    (Pretty undies are often just as much for the guys in our lives as for us! I remember something a woman once told me: she said she liked to wear white, all-lace panties (even briefs!) under white slacks because any guys following her could catch a flirty image of lace. But she was divorced and trolling for a new, hopefully younger, boyfriend! You may not want to try this at your local supermarket! haha)

  4. stacy

    Thanks everyone!
    Actually, the middle stitch isn’t really uncomfortable. The lace is very soft, so it’s not scratchy. I’ve used a woolly nylon for that seam too and it helps soften that too. Probably the most important part is the crotch lining placement – that would definitely be uncomfortable it it’s not right!

  5. Anary

    From a Brazilian gal..
    You are making justice to the name of the panties!!
    They are just like the ones I see in Rio!
    Super sexy.
    Bernadette: What is G Street’s sale ?
    Tks, Anary

  6. berndadette

    G Street Fabrics, a very large, full service, fabric store, has 4 locations in Maryland and Virginia. It has a web site:
    The web site shows a photo tour of the Potomac Mills, VA store.
    G Street Fabrics does not offer on-line or mail order service at this time.
    The sale is 25% off most fabrics, notions, and other things. Not off classes. But even the numerous “specials” tables are usually 25% off during sales. There are specials in the Bernina dept, too.
    They have about 6-8 sales a year, of varying lengths. It’s definitely worth a trip if you plan to visit the Washington D.C./Northern VA/ Maryland area! The Rockville, Maryland store (sorta the “main” one) is just 2 blocks from a Metro stop (subway from DC).

  7. Anary

    Thanks Bernadette!
    I have a tri to DC planned for a while. I will have to review my stops!
    That was a great tip!
    Thanks again!

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