Toile Shirred Tank

Let me start off this post by saying, I don’t like working with triple mesh. It’s really better suited for layered tops with simple seams and not for shirts that require top stitching. With that said, here is my new Kwik Sew (shirred) wrap tank:

I took in both the front and back shoulders 3/4″ and it really made a huge difference in the arms and the neckline. I will definitely need to wear a camisole or at the very least beige bra with this top since it is a bit on the sheer side. The only other change that I made was that I didn’t hem the bottom of the top – since it won’t ravel, I’m just letting it roll to the front.
I’m also happy to say that I (almost) constructed this whole top with my new serger! I finally figured out threading and switching over to the coverstitch without having to refer to my manual – woohoo! It certainly went much faster this time around.
Now, onto the next project!

17 thoughts on “Toile Shirred Tank

  1. Anary

    This top is G.L.A.M.U.R.O.U.S!
    Once more you you made a beutiful work. This tops fits so nice on you! One word. WOW!
    Congrats on getting the handle of your new serger. All those threads srill scares me a LOT! hehe.

  2. bernadette

    Great job! It looks beautiful on you.
    Where exactly did you make the 3/4″ adjustment – horizontally or vertically? Did you also have to adjust the underarm opening?
    This look is so prevalent right now, that we all need to know how to make it fit. I usually just buy knit tops but the RTW stuff in this style is mostly a disaster for fit. I think I might need a serger!

  3. Leora

    How great is that fit? You look great and comfortable at the same time. I am trying to figure out which serger you are talking about. Is it the White 2000 ATS from your PR profile?

  4. stacy

    Thanks for the complements everyone!
    Bernadette – I make the adjustment horizontally, lopping off 3/4″ on both the front and back. I should probably add that not everyone will have to make this adjustment, but I’ve found that if you measure my chest from shoulder to bust, it’s shorter than what most patterns run. It’s more obvious with me in low cut tops.
    Leora – I forgot to update my machine profile at PR. In the last month or so I got a new serger! It’s a Singer Quantumlock (and I love it!).

  5. Tany

    You did a wonderful job, as always! The fit is perfect! I love the fabric and the style lines! BTW, I’m also curious about your 100th review! That’s a big number; my guess is you’ll make it very special!

  6. Tuesday

    I love it Stacy!! It turned out really well. The fit is great, and it looks comfy!
    YAY on the serger! I really need some kind of class to learn how to use mine better…I hate my serger. lol

  7. debkb

    Love your top! Tell me your secrets to working with triple mesh. I have 3 pieces and haven’t decided what to do with as of yet!

  8. stacy

    I’m not sure that I have any good tips to share, but I think that the key to working with it is find the right pattern. If you have a ‘simple’ pattern – one that is nothing but seams and no twin needle stitching or topstitching, I think you’ll have the best success. The seams really don’t frey (or even look ‘jagged’) when cut and have nice curl when left alone so you really don’t have to finish the edges at all!

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