Tracings & Cuttings

With Taylor being sick, I’ve been trying to find lots of quiet activities that I can do and that I can stop midstream without getting too sidetracked. I figured that starting a major project wasn’t the best idea, so I decided to do the mundane task of tracing patterns.

I managed to trace two Kwik Sew patterns – 3426 (the babydoll style lingere pattern) and 3497 (3 different tanks). I traced off an extra small in each of these patterns, going off my bust measurements. However, I think that I should have really traced a small in the tank conidering that my waist size falls more in that range. I guess I’ll be able to tell better after I have a chance to sew it up.
I also cut out the pattern for Simplicity 3956. I picked up the fabric quite awhile ago, but still need to cut into it. I’m also debating on whether to do a serged, rolled hem or a narrow hem along the edges. Any thoughts?
Lastly, I printed off, taped together, and cut the pattern for the Frankenteddy swap (if you’re interested in doing a teddy bear for yourself, you can print off the pieces here). I intend on using the rainbow, embriodered batik that I picked up at Joann’s $1 sale – thankfully I picked up a lot of yardage, the finished bear is going to be HUGE!

6 thoughts on “Tracings & Cuttings

  1. bernadette

    Frankenteddy bear is HUGE! Looks very cuddly. It will be fun to see it finished with mixed fabrics, although I’m thinking I’d like it best if all the different fabrics were mainly the same color or color family. (eg: red Valentine bear for February.)But “pot-luck” is fun, too!

  2. stephanie

    I love simplicity 3956. I think I would probably go with a
    narrow hem but that’s mostly because that’s what I’m the most comfortable doing. That type of fabric can be a pain to hem. And cut out.
    Do you trace all your patterns or just Burda and Kwik sew? I’m really bad about just cutting into the kwik sew. I know I shouldn’t but I usually do.

  3. Stacy

    I’m interested in seeing what fabrics that I get to make Frankenteddy up. I hope that I get to keep the body piece – I think that the batik that I chose should go along with just about anything and might just tie everything together if it starts looking crazy! LOL. I think Taylor will like the end results. I’m making her help stuff – I think that it might take longer to do that than sew up the actual bear!
    I don’t usually trace the Big 4 patterns – unless I’m making an unusual amount of alterations (like Taylor’s Zombie Bride costume). I usually trace Hot Patterns, Jalie, Kwik Sews, and Burda World of Fashion. I’ll sometimes cut into Kwik Sew patterns, but I was on a tracing roll and thought that I should go ahead and preserve the pattern (I also have to add there weren’t very many pieces to these two Kwik Sews either, otherwise I might have just wacked into them!).LOL

  4. Jan

    I am just getting back to sewing after a 10 year absence. Could you tell me what you use to trace your patterns. I used to use this web type material I bought at the local shop, but I haven’t been able to find it lately.

  5. stacy

    I use a product called Pattern Ease. I get it from the interfacing section at Joann’s – it runs about $1.99 yard (but I wait until it’s 50% off and stock up). I’ve also seen it on the internet as well. I’ve seen that some other people like to use the roll paper that dr. offices use to cover exam tables, but I’ve never had any luck locating anything like that (you must have to have connections for that!).

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