Smelly Stuff

Last weekend, I had made a set of sachets for my swap partner. Today, I decided to make some more.

This gave me a chance to get some ‘quick and easy’ sewing in without starting a major project – I could have made more, but I ran out of brocade (surprisingly, that tiny, little bottle of sweat pea fragrance goes a long way as I still have over 1/2 the bottle left). These two will be small teacher’s gifts for Valentine’s Day. Is anyone else making gifts for their children’s teachers? I’d love to get more ideas!
I hope, early this week, to swing by Needle Nook to pick up some more fold over elastic. In the mean time, I went shopping on eBay and purchased 10 yards of rainbow FOE – the colors look like something that I could use with a number of fabrics. Soon, my underwear drawer will look like something out of Victoria Secret!

11 thoughts on “Smelly Stuff

  1. Anary

    That is fabulous! I love the idea of a lingerie total make over! Out of the Scoop grannies! Welcome new, well made hot stuff!
    Congrats on the sachets..they are lovely..For some reason I think of sticking pins and needles on it..but maybe the smell would not be good for needles and etc….But it would be cool to have some inspiring smell on our pincushions…right? I already wrap mine in some dryers sheet..hehhe.

  2. Lori

    First of all… I know this is not, however I know you do more than sew so I thought I’d share.
    For Cohen’s Nursery leaders, I hand stamped tiles (the kinds you get on the mesh sheets) with red, pink, and black Staz-on Inks. After a quick clear coat spray paint, I added magnets to the back. I packaged them in mini take-out boxes I found at JoAnn’s (50% off this weekend)with some shiny confetti and tissue paper. They look cute.
    I’ll puting up pics on my blog eventually. It is a quick and cute gift, so I ended up making them for the entire family.

  3. Joey

    You should definately post a tut on how to make them.
    It sounds slightly dense, but info on the stuffing (?) would be nice.

  4. stacy

    I’ll have to do that! I’d like to make a few more before Valentine’s Day!
    But in the mean time, here’s what I do. I cut my fabric into a 5 1/2 inch square and sew using 1/4 inch seams (I thought a 5 inch completed pillow just looked like a good size), leaving an opening for turning. Clip your corners, turn right side out. For the stuffing, I use a polyester fiberfill (I got this package from Joann’s – it’s soft n’ crafty) – I just stuff the pillow until it’s firm. I like to use a chopsitck to help get the stuffing into the corners. Once you’re done stuffing, I make a hole in the center of the pillow with my finger. Next I take a cotton ball (I like the cotton rounds best, but that’s what I use to clean my face at night so I just used what I have on hand) and douse it with my fragrance (***see below on the fragrance). I insert the cottonball into the hole that I’ve made and adjust the stuffing around it so it stays in place. Then sew up the opening and volia! a pretty drawer sachet!
    ***For the fragrance, I went to the soappotpourri isle of the craft store and found a small bottle of fragrance (it ran about $2.99). It’s not oily so it won’t leave marks on your fabric and a little seems to go a long way! I used between 5-8 drops on each cottonball.
    OOOOH, and if you all haven’t been to Lori’s website yet – you’ll have to drop by and check out how great her magnets look. She’s posted a tutorial for them too.

  5. Jeannie W.

    what a great gift idea! I usually make teacher aprons for my daughters’ teachers. Fabric Traditions make some printed apron panels that are specifically made for teachers and really colorful with saying on apron “teachers plant the seeds of the future”. I wish I could find link or post picture. They are super easy to make. Hope Taylor is feeling better! I’m home with 2 of mine sick and thought I post for the first time but long time lurker. Thanks for sharing all your sewing tips and info., I for one greatly appreicate it and benefit from it!
    Jeannie W.

  6. stacy

    Jeannie – Thanks for the Fabric Traditions panel idea! I haven’t ever seen them before, but I’ll google it and see where I can find them. This year, my daughter has 2 classroom teachers (they split shift), so it’s been difficult to figure out nice, but cost effective gifts. I hope your children feel better soon!

  7. Jeannie W.

    Stacy, on the panel fabric, they have their web site, actually emailed them asking where can I purchase some more but I haven’t received a response yet. If I do I’ll be sure to let you know! I make these aprons every year and give them to my daughters’ teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day, first Tuesday in May, I think. Hopefully, they’ll respond and I’m going to buy quite a few. I’ll keep you posted. And of course, if you find them(you probably will, you much better at this than me, lol) just post here.
    Thanks, Jeannie

  8. stacy

    I looked on their site, but didn’t see the teacher apron panel. Let me know what you find out from the company!

  9. Jeannie W.

    Fabrictraditions answered my email-wah!!!-the apron has been discontinued! I’m going to check the 2 shops I last saw them at and hopefully I’ll find some more. I can still make cute aprons with a pattern and some pretty “school” type fabric, ABCs, etc. but the Fabric Traditions ones were so fast and easy to make. If I find I’ll post back. I wish I wasn’t computer challenged and was able to post a picture so you could see how cute they are.

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