More Snow

I was supposed to take my second lingerie class today. However, more snow quickly changed those plans! So after shoveling the driveway (which had accumulated around 4 inches), I decided to start on my large Valentine Swap craft (so Briana, if you’re reading this don’t continue on – spoilers ahead!).

This is what I made for my partner – a heart shaped pillow with a pocket. Inside it, I put a small journal and fuzzy, heart pen to write with.

The finished pillow came out to be quite large (which meant, lots and lots of stuffing) – the dimensions are 20″x14″x3″, so I’ll need a large box to ship everything in!
I have one more craft to make (which will be the magnets) and then I’ll be ready to ship. My partner sent me a message that she’s sent mine off, so I feel like I better get moving!
Speaking of swaps, I’ve joined a couple more. The first one is Frankenteddy. Basically the idea behind this one is that everyone cuts out the body parts to a (small, large, or both) teddy and ships them to their partners. Then everyone sews the pattern and assembles it with the different pieces they received. The second swap is 1/2 Dozen Fat Quarter Swap. Considering how much I love fabric, I couldn’t resist this one and since there’s no sewing involved, it couldn’t be easier!

5 thoughts on “More Snow

  1. Kris

    Okay… I’ve got to know how you managed to make that minky dot look so great! Do you have any problems with it being super stretchy? I use it a lot and find that it’s a bit difficult!

  2. stacy

    This was my first time working with Minky (well, it’s a Minky knock-off). I thought it was a bit stretchy, but in this case it worked to my advantage so I could attach the cotton fabric around it to make a box type pillow (I didn’t have to clip the curves, etc. for them to fit together!). I’m not sure how this fabric compares to the real Minky, it might not be as stretchy. I also think that the pocket didn’t stretch as much since I lined it with the cotton fabric (I sewed the Minkey fabric and lining fabri right sides together, left an opening for turning, turned, and then sewed to the pillow front).

  3. Carrie

    Hey Stacy! That looks great! I love Valentine’s and all things hearts, pink and red. I think she’ll love it.

  4. Lori V

    Stacy, great looking pillow, you find the coolest swaps. You will have to give us all the links, share the fun!! Too bad about the lingerie class, I love learning from Anne. In fact, she is heading to my ASG on Friday and Saturday, bringing fabric, too. I have been saving my money.

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