Kimono, Finished!

Before all my posts this week become photos of Valentine’s Day swap projects and lingerie, I thought I should share that I finished my Amy Butler Kimono!

This pattern is a bit different than most. First off you’re only working with 2 pattern pieces, the rest of the pieces are basically rectangles and squares that are cut using the given dimensions. It’s very useful to use a rotary cutter, mat, and a long quilting ruler (or yardstick) during this part of the process.
Secondly, the directions are different than your standard instructions. If you have experience with Amy’s previous patterns, then you know what I’m talking about – they are very much like someone is talking to you and there is very little technical jargon. Normally, I don’t mind. However, I had the hardest time reading through them once I got to step 2. So much so, that I abandoned them all together and relied solely on the pictures.
Now, we come to the issue of sizing. Based on my measurements, I made a small. And it looked like I was playing dress up in a gigantic housecoat:

At that point I had already hemmed the sleeves, so I decided to go ahead and fold them up another 3 inches. They are still a bit too long, but substantially better. Next, I took 8 inches off the bottom of the robe. 8 inches! I then used a 1″ hem to finish the robe. My completed robe is shorter than the pattern photo, but I like the way it sits on me. There was so much blue fabric going on all over my short little body, I felt like I was wearing a hospital gown or an oversized dentist napkin.
I know there are a lot of you who own this book and are thinking of making this pattern for youself, so my biggest suggestion is to measure yourself and compare them to the pattern size before you cut. You may just save yourself a ton of fabric that way!

10 thoughts on “Kimono, Finished!

  1. Tara

    Thanks again for the great tips. I was just thinking of this pattern this morning as i was getting out of the shower. It is so cold that i want a robe. I had planned to start this weekend. I will def. take your tips into consideration. thanks!!!

  2. mamafitz

    it looks lovely — tell me, do you think it’s originally long enough to wear without bottoms? i’m wanting to use it as a summer bathrobe (i’m 5’2″). i’ll definitely be shortening the sleeves! i thought i’d be short on yardage (have 3 yds, purchased before i thought of the robe), but maybe i’ll be fine!

  3. stephanie

    Thank you for the tips Stacy.
    I’m glad I waited, now I can learn from your experiance.
    I find that sometimes her patterns can be difficult to work with and I am wondering if maybe she doesn’t have alot of sewing experiance. Maybe she taught herself how to do things and hasn’t used many real patterns. Just a thought. I do love her style and I own most of her patterns so I’m not critisizing I’m just wondering.

  4. stacy

    mamafitz – I think it should be plenty long enough to use without bottoms underneath if you don’t shorten up the length. Before shortening it, I think that the finished length was going to be 3 or 5 inches above my knee.
    stephanie – I think that Amy got her start quilting. She seems to write like one. I’ve used several patterns that are designed more for quilters (I say that because you find them more in quilt shops than in stores) and they seem to have similar instructions.
    Thanks everyone – I was a bit worried when I first tried it on (without making a few changes), but am happy with the outcome now!

  5. Linda L

    Good save! Just saw your review at PR and came here to see and read more.
    I am 5’3″, somewhat bigger than you, but I can tell that small does not equate to petite either!
    In the end you have a nice robe and if you did it again, u have now worked out all the issues!

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