It’s A Sale!

I can’t resist a sale – especially if it’s dealing with fabric (and everything’s $1yard).

So, I went to Joann’s yesterday and spent a good 30 minutes walking through their clearance section. I came home with a teal mesh-like fabric (very similar to Emma One Sock’s onion skin), two skirt panels (which may never make it into skirts, but I loved the prints), a cherry print satin (which will become some sort of pajamas, lingerie, etc.), and a beautiful embroidered batik (it was a completely new bolt on the clearance rack). Now to decide what patterns will work with what fabrics!
On the Amy Butler Kimono progress – I am getting close! I have the cuffs, hem, and belt left to sew up. I may work on this tonight or do start on a ‘simple’ project for my Valentine’s Swap – it may all depend on how engaging Desperate Housewives is!

7 thoughts on “It’s A Sale!

  1. Anary

    Hey Stacy!
    You got lucky with your $1/y sale! I noticed that Joann did not spread the word for all about this Thanks to you “Girls had a little fun” this weekend! A big hand for Stacy! “Clap! Clap!”

  2. patsijean

    Last time we were at Joann’s ((2 weeks ago) we were asked if we had a coupon for our fabric purchase. Nope–Oh, well, they have been slow sending out those flyers. I take it, the $1 per yard sale was Saturday only. Darn.

  3. stephanie

    Loooks like you had fun. Ilove the cherries such a happy fabric.
    I can’t wait to see the robe. Hopefully, I will be inspired to make mine.

  4. stacy

    Joann’s had a sign up on the clearance rack – I think that is said until Feb. 3. Which is great, this gives me a chance to run to our other store (which usually has a larger clearance section).

  5. Jane

    Hi Stacy,
    Thank you for letting all of us know about the sale. On Saturday I went to one JoAnn’s and today I drove to another. I’m very happy with my purchases.
    All of the fabrics you bought are beautiful! Have fun with them!

  6. Ariane

    Hi Stacy,
    I have been reading you blog for a few weeks and have really enjoy the inspiration! I had read before about the Burda World of Fashion magazine and was wondering if you knew of a place were I could order a single copy, before I subscribe. Thanks

  7. stacy

    Hi Ariane – I know that you can find single issues on Ebay and on occasion, Pattern Review (but they go fast there). Some Borders sell them as well, but I know it’s been years since ours has sold any.

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