Swatches, Guitars, Patterns, Partners, and Tags

I suppose the title of this post says it all – lots of things seems to arrive yesterday! However, before I get started, Karine of topstitchgirl tagged me – so I thought that I should 1) put up a link to my previous post on the weird things about myself and 2) add a couple of things that I though of after my previous entry:
1. I know everyone has some sort of strangeness about their food, so here’s mine. I don’t like mixing foods together (I can not stand the sight of casseroles). The only exception to this is mixing my mashed potatoes with corn and meat (those KFC bowls look delicious!). Fruit inside Jello is also very wrong in my book.
2. I got to pet a dolphin. When I was little (around 5), we went to Worlds of Fun (or some sort of amusement park) where they had a dolphin show. They picked me from out of the crowd to call up the dolphins (their names were Dolly and Skipper) and then I got to pet one. I also got to sit in a firetruck and turn on the sirens and lights, but that’s another story.
I’m sure that after I post this, I’ll think of more….. but for now, on to the goodies!

Bret finally used his Christmas money this week and bought a guitar over the internet. Since it was due to arrive yesterday, I spent the entire day waiting for the package (and sewing my kimono). While I was at home I was able to ‘stalk’ the postal worker and ran to the mailbox immediately after she dropped off mail – and inside were wonderful things! My first round of swatches from Fabric Mart arrived! There was some absolutely beautiful fabrics included in this group, however, most are going to be way too dressy for my fairly casual wardrobe. I’m going to thumb through them again today before I decide to pass on ordering this round. My Kwik Sew patterns (3497 and 3426) also arrived! I can’t wait to try out the sleeveless cross-over top!
And lastly, partners were posted (very early) this morning for the Be My Valentine Swap on Craftster! My partner is brianaknits (so, Briana, if you’re reading, stop now). After reading through the list of crafts she might like to receive (magnets, homemade soap, pouches, stationary, pens), I was a bit stumped. Most of those items I can’t do!!!! So, here’s what I’ve come up with. For the large craft, I’m making a red(ish) Minkey dot, heart-shaped pillow with a pocket and placing a journal and pen inside. She had a favorite ‘love quote’ so I’ll embellish the journal with that and try to find a fuzzy heart shaped pen. For the two smaller items, I was think of making a set of magnets (I love to do those) and some sachet pillows. Now that I have some ideas, it’s time to head out to the fabric store (did anyone else have the $1 clearance racks at Joann’s today?) and get the rest of my supplies!

5 thoughts on “Swatches, Guitars, Patterns, Partners, and Tags

  1. stacy

    Actually – a few days after I had posted that, I remembered several other things that I forgot to mention…. It gave me a good excuse to post them!

  2. Anonymous

    I am so there with the food not touching thing. Ick! Although I don’t mind casseroles or jello with fruit. Weird huh?
    What no picure of the robe? Darn!

  3. Anonymous

    Darn I wanted to ask if you have ever tried any of the Onion patterns? I got an e-mail yesterday from The Onion Shop with some of the news one. I really like a coupel but haven

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