Kimonos And (Even More) Pincushions

The other day, I was talking about more pincushion patterns – one of them being a darling cube. I never could find a tutorial, until yesterday when Stephanie posted one on her blog!

Of course, I immediately had to make one. This particular pattern really looks better (IMHO) in pretty pastels (I grabbed the first two fabrics out of my scrap pile), a bit more stuffing that what I used, and 1″ miters (I used about 3/4 of an inch to see what would happen!). I am definitely planning on making this one again!
I’ve also been thinking a lot about my next project. I have a very long list (which includes finishing off my Burda short coat, especially after seeing Tany’s yesterday, starting my Patrones muslin, and making the ‘perfect’ pair of pants). However, I’m thinking that I need something quick and gratifying, especially since my lingerie class starts on Monday and if I’m in the middle of a project, it will only be pushed aside (and potentially become an UFO). So, I’ve decided to finally get started on the Vintage Kimono style robe from Amy Butler’s In Stitches.
What is everyone else working on over the weekend?

8 thoughts on “Kimonos And (Even More) Pincushions

  1. Linda

    I want to make that kimono up also (out of that cute bra print I bought). I’m planning to line mine in a thin stretch terry (think like baby sleepers). This weekend my plan is to either get the Cabo Halter made, or a Swing Bag and a Chelsea Bag.

  2. Tany

    I’m going to boost my sewing on the Orwell Coat! I must also start to plan my new Spring wardrobe, so I’ll be drooling over BWOF’s last issue that I just got, eheheh!

  3. Tuesday

    We’re going to be gone most of this weekend…so not much in the works for me 🙁 But, I did splurge on 3 new books :X rofl.
    Next week is going to be a good sewing week, I can FEEL it 😉

  4. bernadette

    I’ll be packing up and leaving for Berkeley, CA. DH will teach a couple classes next week at UC. I will sight-see and visit a fun fabric store called Stone Mountain and Daughter and an amazing needlework/textile arts store & mini museum called Lacis. I bet I will buy something! Fabric is my favorite souvenir.

  5. stephanie

    I love that robe.Right after I bought that book. I bought some flannel that has chinese take out boxes on it. I was going to use it to make that robe, but it got pushed a side and forgotten. I should dig that out. This weekend I plan to make two more pin cushions and the bag you made a few weeks ago as well as a knit top. Oh, and finish the pirate hat.

  6. Anonymous

    I have looking at this pattern for months, but have yet to do anything about it. Not that I don’t have enough to keep me busy. So I will just have to drool over yours. Get sewing!

  7. Karen

    I made another kimono style top yesterday. I am a beginner sewer and get stuck on new patterns. I plan on starting yoga pants, a tunic top, and a halter top next. unless I make another kimono top first……

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