Fill Your Stash

I stopped by Joann’s this afternoon to pick up a few supplies for my Valentine’s Day Swap (we get our partner’s tonight). While I was there, there manager told me received an email today and all clearance fabrics will be $1yrd tomorrow. I’m assuming that this will be the same for all Joann’s. So, who’s going shopping?

4 thoughts on “Fill Your Stash

  1. Karine

    I love your pincushion. Okay, if I don’t make one for myself then I need to find a swap where I can have a reason to make one. Oh and by the way, there’s a game of tag being played and I tagged you. Ciao!

  2. Joey

    I am now!
    I’ve got to get a few yards to a bolt of muslin, some flannels, and some fabric for a teacher gift.
    Thanks for the notice!

  3. Aimey

    I just started reading your blog – stumbled upon it by accident. I have to tell you that I just love it! You have inspired me to start several projects that I wasn’t very sure about and have led me to some of the coolest fabrics(i.e. Alexander Henry, Amy Butler) First thing this morning I was at my local JoAnn. Sure enough clearance fabrics were on sale for $1 – the funny part being the employees didn’t even know!
    So thank you very much for providing a wealth of information as well as inspiration. Kudos to you!

  4. stacy

    I’ll have to post if I ever see another pincushion swap come up – I’m anxious to join another one too!
    Thank you so much Aimey! I’m glad that I could get everyone out shopping today – I hope everyone found lots of goodies to stock up on.

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