Thanks & Some Shopping

I want to start off this post by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent such wonderful emails and comments after my post yesterday. It means a lot to me knowing that I belong to such a wonderful community of people. Thank you again and I want you to know that I am sending out big (virtual) hugs to everyone.
Today is a new day (I am feeling much better) and I’m ready to get back to my sewing adventures…

To ‘start off’ right, I went shopping. I managed to swing by Hancock Fabrics and pick up Vogue 8358 – this is certainly a dress that I do not need (there really isn’t an occasion that I can wear it), but it’s such a classic design that I couldn’t help myself. I also think that it will be a very flattering style and quick to whip up – a combination that I couldn’t resist. In light of Taylor’s new interest in creating plush, I also picked up more fiberfill stuffing.
I also couldn’t help myself with two fabrics from Emma One Sock – the vintage toile triple mesh knit and the Italian fancy ladies print sateen stretch. The pink sateen fabric, I intend on using for a pair of spring capris (maybe a jacket, instead?). It reminds me of a shirt that I had gotten for Taylor 4 years ago from Limited Too and had wished I could fit into it for myself. I figure that if, after I receive it, it looks too ‘juvenile’ that I’ll use it to make a cute dress for Taylor.
Lastly, on a complete impulse buy, I got these (they were only $4.99 in the store, I’m not sure why they would be so much more online). I can’t wait until Valentine’s Day!

7 thoughts on “Thanks & Some Shopping

  1. lori

    Glad you are feeling better and are having a good day today.
    PS (i got the skull camo fabric at JoAnn’s on the super discount rack)

  2. bernadette

    I buy formal gown patterns, too! Someday I may even sew one up, haha! The back of that one is super!
    Those “Italian Ladies” look pretty French to me! Pretty and fun, either way.
    No car today but I may get to a fabric store tomorrow. Just to look.

  3. Joey.

    I’m not sure of what you’re particular style is, but I think that Italian Lady print might look really cute on a knee-length skirt with a few pleats. Just an idea.

  4. stacy

    Well, drat!!! I bet that camo skull print is gone at ours. Maybe I’ll try to make it over to our other Joann’s to find it (although, they are predicting snow AGAIN for Saturday).
    OOOh, I’ll have to keep the skirt in mind too – I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can ‘feel’ it and check it out further. I’m excited about that print!
    I’m glad to hear that someone else buys formalwear patterns just because. If I come across the right fabric, maybe I’ll go ahead and make it up and vacuum the house or something in it. LOL!

  5. bernadette

    Or take ballroom/swing dancing lessons with your husband. We have been doing that for over five years and now go dancing at least once a week for exercise. It’s a good excuse to wear a pretty skirt or dress once a week! Like playing “dress-up”. Once or twice a year the dances are even formal!

  6. stacy

    My husband is pretty anti-dancing… I can occasionally get him to do it at weddings, but that’s where he draws the line. I was thinking about the skirt idea than then thought that I may try a cute little dress with some thin straps, velvet ribbon under the bust…. I’ll probably kick myself for not ordering more!

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