I’m A Pattern Addict Too

So much for not buying new patterns.

Yup, I blew that yesterday – I broke down and ordered two: Kwik Sew 3497 a good basic sleeveless top pattern (and it’s crossover too, which I love) and Kwik Sew 3426 which reminds me of Victoria Secret’s Babydolls. I’ll also use that pattern in my lingerie class that’s coming up this month.
I also loaded up on magazines today (they are predicting more winter weather this weekend, so I’ll have plenty to keep me busy if we are stuck inside again). My titles included Vogue Patterns Magazine (FebruaryMarch issue) – which was recommended to me for the Marfy article (thanks Margi!), the new issue of Craft, and a Games magazine (I love puzzles and crosswords).
So, it looks like I’ll have plenty to do this weekend! How about everyone else? What are you all up to?

6 thoughts on “I’m A Pattern Addict Too

  1. Kangaroo

    Yesterday I bought the Sew News magazine with your article in it. Fabulous! You did a great job, and I find the article very informative.
    I discovered your blog about two months ago. I look forward to reading it every day.

  2. bernadette

    Intriqued by the Marfy mention, I tried to find some reviews and photos of the garments. None I could find on patternreview.com. Most other googled mentions say they might LIKE to see/try them but hate to spend so much money on a pattern that arrives without a picture or written instructions. I agree.
    Some found the lack of seam allowances to be an issue (It shouldn’t be. You instead mark the SEWING line on your fabric and free-hand cut a seam alownce of your choice. OR use one of those double-wheel gizmos to add an allowance if you must. You actually get a much better fit if you sew on marked sewing lines anyway.)
    I found one site where the lady has photos of the few Marfy garments she has made and they are quite classy. She did a great job. The styles are interesting. But they look way different on her middle-aged bod than they do on the “models” which are just drawings of 9-foot tall, pole-thin young women.
    Perhaps we are just all spoiled by the 99 cent patterns sales at the chain fabric stores! haha

  3. candyo

    I just got Sew News- can’t wait to put your article to good use! It’s really helpful! I had no idea I could add a shelf bra to so many things!
    And thanks for the heads up on the new Vogue Patterns and Craft mags being out!

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