Built By Stacy

Since starting my Built by Wendy blouse was more or less of a whim, I neglected to purchase buttons for this project. Luckly, I ordered 5 lbs. of bulk buttons some time ago from Fabric Mart and managed to find a perfectly sized set for this top!

So now, I present to you my completed top! Overall, I’m pleased with the way this blouse turned out. The sleeves are not what I would normally go for, but the fit is fantastic! I also think that with the right pair of pants, this top is going to look even better. Now to get onto making those pants!
Because it’s black, the details of this top seems to get lost in the photo, so here’s a larger photograph – lightened.

12 thoughts on “Built By Stacy

  1. Erica B.

    Stacy, I love your top. I’ve had this pattern for ever. I think I’ll make it for spring because the sleeves are different and I want them to show. Yours looks adorable on you.

  2. Sarah

    Seeing the blouse in action make me think the sleeves would be GREAT to camoflauge big arms. My fear of this pattern, dimished! I feel like you’re the patron saint of good patterns!

  3. melissa

    I’m loving the waist tie! I like the top of the sleeves, but the bottoms look like they need a gathered cuff or something down there, maybe?

  4. bernadette

    Those sleeves actually look good! The garment being all black shows off the “sculptural” lines of the cut, too. You were lucky to find a good set of buttons from that bucket. I don’t think I have ever been thrilled with the options in any of my past purchases of mixed buttons.

  5. Stacy

    Thanks everyone! I think now that I’ve got both sleeves in, it looks a little better! Now, if the weather would warm up, I could wear it!

  6. bernadette

    I was just looking at some eyelet online and thought this blouse would also look pretty in a white, wide-bordered eyelet – using the border at the sleeves and the blouse hem. For summer, of course!

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