Tag, You’re It!

I’ve ‘officially’ been tagged (by Madmommy), so I will attempt to add to my random facts about me from the other week:

1. I have a fascination for all things Japanese.
2. One of my favorite pairs of underwear when I was a kid was my Wonder Woman Underroos. I still have a thing for her, as you can tell from me making several WW inspired aprons. I also recently found that they make Wonder Woman cami & panty sets for women.
3. I have never been camping and have no desire to start. My idea of ‘camping’ is staying at a hotel and eating from room service. Yes, I know, I’m a weenie.
4. I have very curly hair. I once appeared in a (local) television commercial where I had my hair chemically straightened (Japanese Hair Straightening).
5. I had always thought that I would have liked to work in a crime lab (yes, I watch too much CSI) until we had the possum incident. Between the smell and the flies, I realized that this was an occupation that I could never handle. See #3, I’m a weenie.

6 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It!

  1. Anonymous

    I so agree with #5. I would like the mystery solving but I could not handle the smells. Not at all! But I do like camping, as long as it doesn’t rain.

  2. bernadette

    For me, too, “wilderness camping” is a night in a hotel without room service. Not that I use room service much – but I certainly like to know it’s there. Like once on a cold, rain-soaked night in San Francisco. My favorite hotel so far is the Royal York in Toronto. I hope to someday try all the other former CN and CP luxury hotels in Canada.
    I’ve never been rich and I’m quite frugal in most things. (I cut my own hair.) But I love a nice hotel!

  3. Anary

    Ok Stacy..
    I have to see this commercial. Please you have to show us…Please…:). i-tube! ( is that the name? haha)
    I am a winnie too…See, I am a Biologist…But, do not put me in the wild (ok, I will not mention my home country has the biggest forest in this world). I love animals and plants do not get me wrong…But I love an indoor lab, essay tubes, pippetes, computers, white tiles and dusty counters ( not exactly) etc.. and please keep me there ;).
    Who would believe I was a girl scout?

  4. Anary

    I forgot to mention…
    I will say one (more) weird thing about me..
    I love to deep french fries inside of my chocolate sundae…
    Oh yes, I told you it was weird. Well, I do not do it anymore ( too many calories)…but I can still taste it..Yummie.

  5. cmarie12

    Stacy – guess I need to join the don’t ever want to camp again club. Had to do it as a girl scout and hated it! A luxury hotel with room service is my idea of camping, also! *smile*

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