I’ve been working on my Built by Wendy blouse this morning and managed to get the collar and one sleeve attached. I’m not sure which review I had read it in, but someone had made a comment that the sleeve made them feel like the Flying Nun – I now know what exactly they are talking about.

It’s a bit on the poofy side, don’t you think?
I’m still finishing this one up, it’s so unique that I can’t wait to wear it – even if I do take flight when the wind blows.

6 thoughts on “Attached

  1. Anary

    I love the Flying Nun comment..hhaha. The sleeve is quite unique. I would not be able to wear this, I think. I would look like an american footbal player. I thing my shoulders are a little on the wide side…
    I think you have the perfect figure for it..Fly high in Vagas baby!

  2. Stacy

    Yes, it seems to look o.k. too. There are similar instructions for the bottom hem, so thankfully I know what I’m doing this time around!

  3. Zaneta

    I think it is a great looking blouse..if you are concerned with the bottom sleeve adding bulk..maybe add elastic to the bottom and then sew a ribbon over the top of some sort to add interest? Or just leave with no ribbon..

  4. Caro

    I sewed up one of these as well, it is actually super pretty in soft, drapey fabric. Your fabric looks a tiny bit stiff, so maybe that is why you feel so ‘flying nun’ in it?
    I actually love the look of yours – it looks very dramatic and modern, probably would work great tucked into a white pencil skirt, with a black belt and heels.

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