New Project

I laid in bed the other night, trying to fall asleep and thinking about what my next project should be. As I was drifing off to sleep, I envisioned using my Joann bargain fabric from the other day and making it into Simplicity 4112, the Built By Wendy button-down shirt and sash and using some of my wonderful, stashed pinstripe fabric for a pair of Jalie 2561 pants.

I washed my new poplin fabric, cut it, and began sewing. I got as far as the facing and then got stumped. Either I was tired, this was a fairly new technique, or the directions were a bit on the poor side, but I think that I may have goofed up the notch on the facing portion of the shirt. I may have corrected it (my garment doesn’t look exactly like the pattern photo), but I won’t know for sure until I attach the collar. After fiddling with the facing, I put it away for the rest of the day.
I still have a vision of wearing this top with a tailored pair of black pinstripes, but we’ll just have to see how the rest of the instructions pan out. I’ve put up a link for this project on the sidebar and I’ll be keeping you posted on it’s progress.

2 thoughts on “New Project

  1. lsaspacey

    Go and read the reviews of this pattern on I can’t remember which ones but I do remember something about the directions re: the facing and collar being messed up somewhere. So that might be your problem too.
    I’m making the short sleeved one in a while so I was checking it out. Hope that helps, can’t wait to see it.

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