Monthly Archives: January 2007


It’s been awhile, but I think that it’s time. It’s time for one of my rambling, miscellaneous posts! So, sit back, relax, grab another cup of (insert beverage here) and enjoy the links!

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Another Snow In

I never got to work yesterday on my muslin of the Patrones dress. Since we were essentially ‘snowed in’ (did I mention we got between 7-9 inches of snow this weekend?) we spent the day doing all sorts of other activities…..

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Lost In Translation?

Let me start off this post by saying that sewing terms just do not translate well between languages. Yesterday, I decided to buckle down and start translating my Patrones dress instructions. I was procrastinating doing this because I knew how it would turn out (let’s put it this way, the ‘ruffles’ around the dress came out ‘steering wheels’)!

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