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Yay, we made it here without a hitch – but boy is it cold and did the weather ever turn nasty!!!! But enough about the weather – before we left on our trip, I had a wonderful time opening the swap packages that had arrived in the mail! First off, I got my ornaments from ‘cyndiq’. These are machine embroidered (the camera doesn’t pick it up, but she used a metalic thread on both) with beading on the hangers. These will make a nice addition to next year’s tree – we managed to take our decorations down on Thursday.

Secondly, a very large box from ‘Elphie’ came – filled with The Office goodies – and everything was FANTASTIC! Starting on the left, a great Office clipboard, a tissue box holder (it’s sitting on my sewing table next to my Dwight Bobblehead), an mini accordion style “Office Strategies” folder, a pencil topped with Michael’s foot wrapped in plastic (from the episode where he burned his foot on his George Foreman grill), and some resin magnets that resemble Dwight’s office supplies encased in Jello.
I don’t have any more swaps planned (aside from finishing up the Little Visitor #5), so I’ll be concentrating on just doing some sewing! I did notice that Pattern Review is running another “Knockoff” contest, but I haven’t found anything that’s inspired me – I may have to wait until I get next month’s Lucky Magazine or another Anthropologie catalog to arrive before I find something!

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  1. bernadette

    Let’s hope the weather does not ruin any of your visit/travel! I just talked with my older son, who lives in Albuquerque, and they have had it snowing for over 24 hours! A weather system is “stuck” in rotation over them. So far, accumulations are maybe 5-8 inches but tree branches are down all over and driving is hopeless. My d-i-l has lived there since she was 3 and does not remember EVER having this kind of weather for so long. This is their second snow storm this season. Years can go by between snows there! They plan to walk the few down and uphill blocks to the local co-op grocery if it is open. I think they maybe had planned to have some friends over for NYE.
    Meanwhile, my sis and her husband are driving around central Texas, where they had tornado warnings, and then on to eastern Missouri. I hope THEY beat out any bad weather, too! They are “refugees” from Maui, after all, and really not used to bad weather.
    Although we may get some awful weather before this winter is over, today is dry and sunny 50’s and we will have 50-60’s and rain next 2 days. Some local trees are in bloom or leaf already! Weird.
    The huge hotel we will be celebrating and sleeping at NYE had a 4:30 AM FIRE this morning! 1000 guests had to get out of bed and the hotel for a couple hours but the guest rooms were not involved in the fire. We still plan to go but will keep an eye out!!!!
    I hope you took with some fun sewing mags to read while you are away in case you have to wait out weather or traffic! Otherwise, it’s a good excuse to buy a different one.
    Stay safe. Carry food, water, flashlight, blankets, extra gasoline, with you when you travel this winter. I am thinking of also taking a smoke detector and a fire extiquisher tomorrow!!!! haha

  2. Tuesday

    I saw your post on craftster and I am LOVING The Office swap packages…I SoOOOoOoOo wish I could have gotten in on that one LOL!
    I think the items you got rock!! :p

  3. alisha

    I’m totally new to this blog thing and I know this is an old entry, so let’s see if this message gets to you…
    I was wondering about the resin office supply magnets… are the “office supplies” buttons? And how do you think she made them.. do you have any idea?
    I would love to do the same thing for my good friend for Christmas. She LOVES “The Office” and has recently gotten my hooked. I think she would get a kick out of these.

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