And We’re Off!

Since our plans changed last week due to weather and illness, we’re giving traveling another go today.

Of course, there is the threat of impending bad weather once again, so our trip may be cut short depending on what the weather ultimately decides to do (or we’ll be stuck where we’re at)! I’ll still be making regular posts since our hotel has internet access, but in the meantime, what is everyone else up to over this long weekend?

4 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. Lori

    Be careful. Those poor weather conditions. I can’t believe that Kansas and Colorado are being dumped on while we are getting so much sunshine in Utah… supposedly we have the “Best Snow in Earth” but this year we hardly have any.

  2. Tuesday

    Have a safe trip!! I hope it’s enjoyable and the weather cooperates for you 😀 Nothing exciting here…I’m just trying to catch up on store sewing since I missed a LOT of sewing time being sick WAHHHH LOL, and laid here and shopped for fabric instead of using what I have :X
    How long are you going for? 😀

  3. bernadette

    DH home this week so my schedule is all messed up! Saw two movies – “Pursuit of Happyness” and “Volver”. Both very good! Spent today at museums in DC. Especially enjoyed the Joseph Cornell exhibit (boxes, collage) at American Art and the Josephine Baker (photos, potraits, memorabilia, film clips) exhibit at National Portrait Gallery.
    Missed: pilates, treadmill, resistance machines, web-surfing, sale-shopping, plus ANY kind of sewing/crafts. haha
    For NYE, we will be going to a big, fancy, black-tie dinner dance party (five different bands for everything from ballroom to Viennese waltz to swing and latin!) and staying overnight at the hotel in DC where it’s held. (Event is sponsored by the International Club of DC – we are going because our favorite orchestra will be playing. We dance a lot.) And, we will get there and back by subway – how classy is that?!
    I (sadly) did not make the dress I’ll be wearing. A couple years ago I scored a Ralph Lauren silk/cotton damask ball gown for just over $100 at Nordstrom Rack on super clearance. I could not have bought even half the fabric for that amount. It has long, wide, sash ties that can be arranged and tied in various ways so it looks different each time I wear it. And it’s a rich shade of red – my favorite color.
    Take care on your travels and have fun, too. Happy New Year in case I don’t get to your swell blog before then!

  4. Stacy

    It sounds like everyone is keeping busy! No NYE plans for us, though – just recouperating from the drive I suppose (we’re supposed to come home on Sunday).
    We managed to make it here without any problems, but boy did it turn cold!

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