New Shirt

As much as I want to start a bunch of other projects, I decided that I really need some new long sleeve shirts. It was a toss up between making a long sleeved Jalie Crossover Top (which would mean altering the sleeve length) or using my new Emma One Sock Heavy Metal stretch fabric (which would mean deciding on a pattern to use).

I really didn’t feel like trying to figure out any changes so, I opted to use my new print fabric. I had to talk myself into doing it too – since I really wanted to find ‘just the right pattern’ for it. I had to remind myself that it was only fabric, there was always more out there, and that if I saved it that I may never use it and will probably just sit in my stash, aging and loosing it’s trendyness (this will be my new New Years Resolution – don’t be afraid to use those fabrics that I’m saving for just the right pattern to come along).
So, back to the pattern. I decided on using a hooded t-shirt pattern from a January 2002 Burda World of Fashion magazine (the photo is pictured on the sidebar) – this was one of the first Burda magazines that I ever purchased (and one of the ones that got me hooked on the magazine). I like the fact that this pattern is different than anything else in my closet and it seems to be a good complement to the fabric design. I’ve managed to cut out the fabric, but haven’t had the chance to sew it up. I’m hoping that I’ll get to make this before the weekend, but first, it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations (an all day job) and return the house ‘back to normal”.

4 thoughts on “New Shirt

  1. Stacy

    The fabric is a 4-way stretch and is wonderfully soft (I think that it may have shrunk some when I washed it though)!
    I probably won’t be at the snack ‘n sew this weekend – but am planning on taking the lingerie class at the end of January. I can’t remember if you were planning on taking it too, but if you’re there I’ll plan on bringing my new bag!

  2. Anonymous

    That is a really CUTE top!
    I think the pattern and fabric combo is perfect.
    My girls would really like this top. Heck, I really like it!

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