High Street Messenger Complete

I’m posting Wednesday’s entry a bit early because I’m so excited to share my new messenger bag. I am very happy to report that my High Street Messenger bag is finally complete!

It took a bit more time than what I had expected it to, but the final product was well worth it! Amy Butler’s previous messenger bag (now out of print) was floppy in comparison, had very few pockets, and was a little on the small side. However, this bag was so well thought out. It has pockets galore (and even some with zippers to keep items from falling out), is sturdy (even with cotton fabric and canvas it still holds it’s shape well), and is large enough that a 14″ laptop can fit inside. I can see that this bag is going to hold up for years to come! So let’s take a better look at this bag:
The back of the bag has a large zippered compartment:

When the bag is opened, the inside flap has another zippered compartment while the outside has a pleated pocket (the pleats are difficult to see because of fabric print):

The inside of the bag has a zippered, hanging tool pocket so that everything has a place – even your pens!

I imagine that when I make this again that it will sew up considerably faster. However, if you’re planning on making this bag as a gift, don’t start it the night before – you’ll never get it finished on time! I do see this a great graduation gift and plan on using it when my sister-in-law finishes up college this spring (but in more subdued fabric). You can read my writeup of this pattern on Pattern Review here.

17 thoughts on “High Street Messenger Complete

  1. Tuesday

    Ohhhh, it turned out GREAT!!! I really like it. I love the fabric, the style, all of it!! You did great! Oh, and I think I started a sub. to burda, lol…I got an email saying they’d process my order, but they didn’t have me enter any payment info? ROFL.
    I look forward to seeing your next project!!

  2. Kathryn

    Stacy, Your bag turned out awesome! I knew it would. Your craftsmanship is superb. I’m excited for you to use it – you’re going to have strangers asking you about it! Great job! Kathryn

  3. Jackie Lawrence

    I’ve been reading your blog regularly and have enjoyed every bit of it.
    The messenger bag turned out great! Are the Amy Butler patterns hard to use? I’ve been curious about them but afraid to purchase them w/o know if they are difficult to follow. Hope you had a pleasant holiday!

  4. Amy

    Love the bag–especially the fabric –awesome! I also had a chance to read your article in Sew News while at the library! How much fun! The next time I’m at the store, I’m going to have to pick up my own copy, as I’m always wanting to put shelf bras in stuff–I love them–so your article was perfect for my library! Ha! Great job!

  5. bernadette

    The bag looks great and really fuinctional – always a priority for me. I like an organized bag. Other wise I lose stuff.
    I have not yet been able to find the Sew News. Borders did not have any yesterday. I’ll try Hancock this week and just learned that the Joann’s closest (but not close) to me has moved into a larger space and is nicer so I can shop there, too.
    I went to Borders on wednesday to buy some 50%-off calendars. I enjoy those page a day types. I bought the crochet, quilling(NOT quilting, Stitch’n’Bitch knitting, Origami, and Kiriganmi (cut paper) ones, It’s fun to have a little craft treat waiting for me each day. I do get behind on them but then it’s fun to catch up on a rainy day.
    Also went to Ikea and found a tray/frame storage device like I was hoping for. So I can have a stack of removeable, drawer-like trays with a different project in each one. Now I have to clean out my sewing closet to make room for it.

  6. Joey

    Hey Stacy.
    I’ve read all through out this project.
    I’m a novice sewer and was wondering if you thought that this project was accomplishable.
    I really like the design and was considering attempting it.

  7. Stacy

    Hi Joey – I definitely think that you could sew this up without any problems! The pattern instructions are written differently than most patterns (Amy writes more like she is talking to you and is less technical), but are very through and easy to read. I think that you’de really like the finished product!

  8. Michelle

    Stacy –
    I, too, am working on this bag! However, I can’t see how the strap turns out to be 42″? I’ve cut it all out, and read ahead, and I just don’t see it. Am I missing something? Did you follow the pattern for the strap exactly?
    Thx in advance for any advice!

  9. stacy

    Definitely! I think you might want to change the hanging pocket to omit the pen compartments (maybe make a bottle holder instead?), but it should be big enough to hold all your essentials. I also love all the zippered compartments too – I’m always afraid of losing things otherwise.

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